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OK, we've all wanted to be menaced by amazonian space babes, haven't we? Well, in this week's movie, "Invasion of the Star Creatures," two dumbbell Army privates are, and their almost too stupid to know what to do.

Dr. Puna and Professor Tanga (Dolores Reed & Gloria Victor ) have arrived on Earth to study it's various inhabitants and see if they can grow a vegeman army while they are at it. Along comes Philbrick and Penn (Bob Ball & Frankie Ray), the Army's lamest, to engage in a battle of wits with these busty invaders.

Meant to be some sort of space comedy,
"Star Creatures" at least provides a few intended laughs and plenty of astonished moans over the film's total lack of budget. Jonathan Haze (Seymour, from the original "Little Shop of Horrors") provided the script and was never told it was going to be produced until he saw it on the second half of a double bill in 1962 with "The Brain that Wouldn't Die".

Director Bruno Ve Sota was an actor from the Corman stables who appeared in such films as "War of the Satellites", "Attack of the Giant Leeches" & "Daughter of Horror." He does manage to imbue Haze's wildly silly script with a certain amount of slapstick zaniness; the film entertains at a level of above-average badness.

Alphonso and I will also pay tribute to a few notable passings such as Irish McCalla, George Nader, Lawrence Tierney (right) and the incredible Chuck Jones, (right) the last of the old-school Warner Bros. animation directors.


All this, plus a "psychco-hellic" set, make for a fantastic episode, this week on Dumpsterpiece Theatre!
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