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We have had five cats, a salamander,
and fish...

My friend Toni gave us the salamander...
we had him for about 8 years his name was Flathead.
He's fun!! -always hungry for a mealworm or cricket!
His wide mouth made it looks as if he is smiling all the time!!
He was eight inches long, and lived in his cool, semi-aquatic tank.
Jinxy on the tank
You can almost see Flathead in the tank with baby Jinxy on top, I drew an arrow pointing to his tail.
amazon has books about salamanders and how to care for them...
If you have questions about keeping salamanders, I'd be glad to help if I can!! We didn't really do much, but keep him in a half-full unheated tank, and feed him crickets and mealworms.
Write Anytime!!


This black and white kitten is Jinxy,
when he was just a baby.


Jinxy and my friend Toni... she called him "pooper" which I picked up, and Dean calls him "cooper" but really his name is still Jinxy...

He's all grown up now,
but cute as ever!

He's got cool hair that gets much longer in the winter only, Especially around his face. Its in the winter, that Dean calls him "mr. puffypants"...
These photos look like they were taken in the summer.


Jinxy sleeps between us on "his bed" ...
We're lucky he let's us sleep there at all.

Jinxy has an ongoing battle with the neighborhood mockingbirds. The bird SWOOPS down and tries to frighten Jinxy away. It's hysterical to watch, and the bird is very noisy. Jinxy ignores the bird, for the most part. Try as I might, I have a hard time catching that bird in photos.

come a little closer!

duh... wheres the birdy?

She thinks she should be the only cat. ...anywhere!

our siamese,
is a daddy's girl.
She only likes Dean.

She LOVES to roll around in catnip!!

Kato likes to sleep with her Papa,
but ONLY after Mommy and those "other cats" have left the room.

This giant grey cat is SPUD..
he is sitting on top of a Honda Civic...
Spud was our Bad-Ass cat from 1993 to 2007
When he was not protecting his territory from other male cats, Spud likes to relax!!!

Spud was NOT afraid of dogs. Even when he was old and sick,
he would stand his ground and ATTACK any dog who dared come near him!

spud 2004 who me?


play with me!


"My Boys" together.
They got along great!



When Spud died in August 2007, I wrote a long blog on MySpace....

Wednesday, August 29, 2007
"Spud the Bad Ass Cat"
Current mood: depressed
Category: Pets and Animals

This morning Spud wasn't at the door. I checked again a while later, even went back to sleep for a while, still no Spud wanting in. After scouring our yards and bushes, Dean found him dead on the lawn across the street. His leg was broken badly. Not sure exactly if that, or what, killed him. He'd been sick for so so long. He must have been hit by a car. that's all we can assume. He may be been moved up onto the lawn by a passerby. we just dont know. He didn't lay there very long, which was good, because it was a super hot day today.
He certainly used up all of his lives. Many years ago, he was missing for a few days, and came home poisoned, I nursed him back to health. For the last 5 years or so, he had some "serious" disease that caused his mouth to hurt so bad that he couldnt eat. We put him on steriods, and that bought him many many more years.
Lately he had a respritory infection, sneezing and coughing and a little goopy eyed... he'd been lethargic, still eating, but spending his days sleeping on porches. Seems that every day I thanked God for another day with Spud. Every day we expected to find him dead. Every time he didnt come in right away, oh no, he's dead. Every time we got a phone call during vacation, oh no, spuds dead. Even this morning, before we found him, "can't find spud, he must be dead"...
After my recent surgery, and after being home for a few days, I was sad that the cats weren't sleeping on the bed with me. Dean had a talk with the boys, and Spud spent a full night on the bed with me just a few nights ago. I'm really glad for that. That said, it still hurts alot to lose him. He really was a tough cat. He didn't take any shit from other cats, and certainly not from dogs. Once he scared a dog so badly that the dog pissed all over the driveway.
I got spud from a family in front of walmart, in early 1994. Spud was the only cat they were giving away, and he was kinda large for a new kitten. The family said that they originally had planned on keeping him, but later decided that they couldnt have another cat, or something, so he was already about 8 or 10 weeks old. When Dean and I started dating, Dean asked "what is your kittens name" I hadn't named him so I was still calling him 'baby kitty" ... haha... Dean said that was silly, and said "how about Spud?"... I said sure, not only to finally give my cat a name but also to impress my new boyfriend.
Spud was always a big boy, and I often called him that. He was taller than other cats, and weighed over 17 pounds during this prime. Even as he got older, he was still tall and impressive. He had lots of admirers. He loved his Grandma Julia.
Spud was a good boy, except when he was a bad boy. It was my fault that he retained tom-cat behaviors, because I didn't get him fixed early enough. My apologies to everyone whose belongings caught the wrong end of Spud's flickering tail. I'd say that he's sorry too - but no - Spud was not sorry about pissing on your stuff. He was a tough, proud cat, but never too proud to get scratches on his head. He never let me sit on the couch alone. He loved to sleep on our chests. He slept next to me on the couch every day during my chemotherapy. I'm really going to miss my couch buddy.

Mutant ...

was a great name for this messed up cat.
She was super-long-hair persian, and hated to be brushed.

In March 2001 we had to put Mutant to sleep.
She was pretty old, she only had one tooth. We never really knew how old she was. During her first and last trip to the vet, the techs estimated she was 14-16 years old. She was playful, even a couple of weeks before her passing.

Everyone loved Mutant, even though she was generally pretty messy... She always had such a grumpy look on her face. She didn't deserve to die the way she did.... I wish I had caught the affliction earlier,... but I don't know if that would have made a difference.

When Mutant wasn't snoring, we used to catch her licking masking tape....
(yes, masking tape)



On the day before Mutant died, a weird thing happened....A large 18-wheel truck was making a delivery at my work. Our shipping lady came inside and told me that there was a kitten in the back of the truck.
The driver had no idea where it came from. No one wanted this poor kitten who was crying constantly. Everyone said to leave her in the parking lot to fend for herself. no way. She was really sweet, sucking on my earlobes whenever I picked her up.

Needless to say, I brought her home. Dean wasn't too excited about having 5 cats, but when I told him the story about her arriving from Utah on a truck, he agreed to keep her. It helped that she was VERY sweet :-) ... to us anyway, she was sweet, but she didn't want to have anything to do with our other cats, she hissed at the sight of them for about a month!

We could not decide whether to call her Ogden or Utah, because that's where the truck came from.
I call her "Little Miss Utah" because she is still wearing the jeweled collar that she arrived with!

We were not meant to have 5 cats, we realized, when we lost Mutant the next day.
Then several weeks later, Utah got pregnant and lost the entire litter...pretty scary.

Utah is all better now, and cute as ever. She doesn't hiss at the other cats, now they even play with her sometimes!....

Utah likes to chase the screen saver on my computer. In the process, she pushes button on my keyboard that open various programs like my phone dialer... she loves sitting inside boxes and laundry baskets...

We have silly names for her, depending what shes doing... If shes eating, she's "Chew-tah"
When she's stinky, she's "Pew-tah"
When she's being stupid, she's "U-tard"
When you want to get rid of her, "Shoo-tah"
Sometimes I call her Mutant on accident, it sounds similar, and it makes me think that Mutant wanted to come back as a normal, generic, clean, no-hassle cat. If so, she's having a great time in her new body!

Ever since Utah came here to live, she's been trying to get something out from under the fridge, we dont know what, she's fully grown in this photo, and she has not given up.

Jinxy and Utah often play together, play-fighting and grooming each other ... we call this the "kick and lick"...

Utah is wacko.


good girls

If you want to see more pictures of Utah,
just check the cat food aisle at your local market.


This a photo of a visiting cat, right before Utah chased it away...

In 1999, Dean drew up some charicatures of the kitties-
they may not be perfect portraits,
but they accurately portray the personalities of the furry kids!





Beware of Cat! - Lots of neat kitty graphics!

and more here...


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