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......9-16-99 Welcome, Friends and Family, to our website...
We have lots of stuff on the web- stick around and enjoy some of my work!!

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The Holi-daze are approaching... Check out our Halloween and Christmas pages! They've both been updated some for 99.

We scared the crap out of some trick or treaters at our '98 haunted house...!!!
Our Halloween page has lots of creepy ideas, and over 200 links to cool haunting fun-
I've added a new "haunted house" section, with tips and tricks, pix from last year, and a prevue of this years haunt- Dean's been planning for over a month already!!

Our Christmas Page was featured last year on a New York City Radio Station, WCBS, in their Internet Minute segment!!

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.......6-27-99 I've added yet another page to my ever-growing Matt Stone & Trey Parker pages. It has info and stuff from South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut

I totally updated our Pets page, with a bunch of new photos if ya want to see photos of our four cats and a salamander, click here!

Visit my cool new Freebie Links Page!
Hundreds of Links to FREE STUFF!!

2-18-99 I am working on a cool java link list... try it out!!!