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Live at Crosstown Records - August 11, 2006


Shot at the studios of Dumpsterpiece Theatre



rehearsal - click to enlarge

Live at the Longhorn Inn 5/28/04:

Let's all go to the Lobby
7 seconds AVI 1.9 meg

Dead Men Walk
13 seconds AVI 3.3 meg

Brain that Wouldn't Die
28 seconds AVI 6.5 meg


Live at REG Studio:

dark rehearsal #1
avi 2.6 mg

dark rehearsal #2 (taa daa)
avi 4.1 mg

bill vocals
avi 9.4 mg

dean vocals
avi 4.7 mg

All videos are 320x240 - created with a Canon A60 digital camera in "movie mode" and unedited.

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california dreamin - click to enlarge
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the band trip to disneyland

Live at Brakke's Inn
"The Happy Birthday Virgo" Party
Sept 18, 2004
"Sweet Nectar"


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