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I'm just a little black rain cloud
Hovering over the honey tree,
Only a little black rain cloud,
Pay no attention to little me.

Everyone knows that a rain cloud,
Never eats honey, no, not a nip.
I'm just floating around over the ground,
Wondering where I will drip.


Winnie the Pooh Take My Hand: Songs From [Import]
Track Listing: 1. Winnie the Pooh, 2. Friends Around the World, 3. Little Black Rain Cloud-Sunny Skies, 4. My Balloon, 5. Perfect Place to Hide, 6. All Good Things (A Pooh Perspective), 7. Kanga-Roo Hop, 8. Owl's Song, 9. We're Gonna Catch a Heffalump, 10. That's What Tiggers Do Best, 11. Special Bear, 12. Just For a Taste of Honey, 13. Never Alone (Eeyore's Lullaby)
Winnie the Pooh Take My Hand: Songs From [Import]


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Disney Winnie the Pooh Movie Theater Storybook & Movie Projector Join in the fun as Pooh and his friends have all new exciting adventures in this delightful collection that includes a unique, removable movie projector and ten picture disks that let children project colorful story images on the wall as they read. The projector also includes its own reading light. Full color. Disney Winnie the Pooh Movie Theater Storybook & Movie Projector
Sing Along Songs-Pooh Bear and Piglet Too Sing Along Songs-Pooh Bear and Piglet Too DVD Sing, dance, and learn along with your favorite Disney songs! Join Disney's most beloved characters in their most memorable musical moments for a learning experience, developed in cooperation with educational experts, that is tons of fun for the entire family. Enjoy your favorite musical selections from the 100 Acre Wood. With brand-new songs from Piglet's Big Movie and the option to sing along in three different languages, Sing A Song With Pooh Bear And Piglet Too promises to keep your heart light with the happiest songs around!
Winnie the Pooh-Heffalump Movie Winnie the Pooh-Heffalump Movie Straight from the theaters, it's a grand scale animated feature that is as exciting as it is charming, where friendship, understanding, and adventure abound as Winnie the Pooh and his friends learn that things are not always as they appear. A quiet day in the Hundred Acre Wood quickly grows mysterious when a strange sound echoes through the trees -- a sound that can only be . . . a Heffalump! While the friends devise, Roo sets off into the Wood and discovers a Heffalump named Lumpy. To Roo's great surprise, Heffalumps are quite friendly and playful. After meeting Lumpy, Roo wonders why the others are so frightened and why Lumpy is so afraid of Roo's friends. Upon discovering their new friendship, Roo and Lumpy's loved ones realize that Heffalumps are nothing to fear at all. Filled with humor, heart, and Heffalumps, this warm and wonderful adventure is great fun for the entire family. Widgets


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