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My name is Nancy, I'm from Lancaster, California,
and this is my website... welcome!

I starting making webpages in 1996 ...
The first was a webpage for our local TV show Dumpsterpiece Theatre, a project produced by my husband and our friends. I got plenty of help from friends back then, learning about FTP and HTML...

I taught myself html, by hand, and later started using editors, I currently use Dreamweaver, (swoon, I love it). My first celebrity pages were for Eeyore, (he's gloomy but sweet) Madonna, Godzilla, and Matt Stone & Trey Parker. This first site was located at www.ptw.com/~dumptv/ until they went belly up in about 1999, and I moved to another local ISP, then my pages were located at www.antelecom.net/dumptv/

My first holiday page was for Halloween, my husbands favorite holiday, and I expanded to Christmas and other holidays too... back in the old days I would actually take down the holiday pages when they were out of season. ha! My Halloween site gets +/-500 visitors a month even in March and April. I soon learned to leave them up all year round.

During my time at ptw.com, my site was growing by leaps and bounds. My Matt & Trey page was the first of its kind, in a sea of south park pages, people were anxious to learn more about this great comedy team. I made lots of money selling copies of Cannibal the Musical from reel.com (my first of many affiliations)
I quickly came to realize that this website was not only fun to produce, but a source of additional income. woo hoo! After the move from antelecom, I chose not to put up some of the slower or redundant pages, to concentrate on the tv show, "holidaze", Eeyore, and Matt & Trey.

The holidaze pages continued to grow in popularity every season. An online friend encouraged me to get my own dot-com. I was hesitant at first. but I was glad I did it. My first host was a free one, doteasy I think. Free was the only way to get my feet wet owning my first dot-com. The first October/Halloween though, my traffic was way too much for doteasy, and they shut me down for the month, augh!
I soon moved the site to powweb, where I've been ever since. Great service, unlimited space, etc. I love it. All the while, I was still maintaining some fan pages on antelecom. In 2005 I got DSL and ditched the dial-up, and finally moved the entire site to dumptv.com as you see it today. Several years ago I added a 2nd domain to the family, eeyore-gifts.com and it's doing very well, number one google search result if you query "eeyore gifts".
My gifts4men shop is popular all year, as well as my Made-in-Usa gift shop. Additional domains include spacerust.com, and 100acregifts.com

dumptv.com currently welcomes several hundred visitors every day.... thousands per day during some fall & winter holiday periods. Check out my current stats here. I've found that longevity an important key to traffic on the internet. Simply existing for all these years, I am listed on all the major search engines, and on many reputable websites ~ yay!
note to new webmasters:
have patience and update regularly!

Thanks for visiting dumptv.com!

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