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Online shopping is GREAT when you are sending gifts to family and friends far from home.
If you have to ship it anyway, it's SO EASY to just order it online, and let the merchant wrap and ship it for you!
It saves time, and no waiting in lines to mail your gifts!

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USA made gifts

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I have created this shopping guide for anyone who seeks to purchase gifts online that are manufactured in the United States...
Just pick a category and shop 'till you drop!!

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Apparel & Jewelry
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Collectibles & Art
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Toys & Hobbies
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Food & Drink
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Home & Garden
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Is it Made in the USA????
Many shopping sites don't even tell you where the products are manufactured.
That makes it difficult, but I will keep looking!
Many food gifts are made in America, but not always.
If you don't know where a product is made, ask before you buy!
Don't assume because it's an American company that the item is actually made here.
Most of the cute patriotic decor which is so popular, is all made in China... :(

is this stuff made in the USA?

Encourage your favorite shopping sites to
list the import information in their product descriptions!
In the last 5 years, well over 3 million manufacturing jobs were moved overseas....



Every Christmas gift I give this year will be made in America

I used to think of myself as a good American. Recently, however, I have come to realize that even after spending 22 years in the military and retiring, I could have been a better American.
Two weeks ago my mother started looking for a pair of cold weather, waterproof boots. What was hard to find was a pair of boots that were "Made in the USA." In searching high and low for this one item, we found that almost all the boots we saw were made in China. Mind you, this is not only boots, but almost all gaming systems, pots, pans, and everyday household items are made there as well, not to mention tennis shoes.
Now, I have no problem with a few items being manufactured in other countries but this has become ridiculous. I would rather buy an item made here to keep American workers in jobs than to pay an exorbitant amount of money so that manufacturers can get rich. Christmas is coming, and my gifts to everyone will have "Made in the USA" on them. I usually give money to "Toys for Tots" but this year I will give a game made in the USA.
To my friends and family: If I am given an item that is not "Made in the USA," I will take it back and return it. I am standing up for our rights to work and keep Americans in jobs. I am not here to help out another country, and neither should you be. We need to take care of our own at home first.

-- JANET G Algonac, MI Nov. 22





American Personalized Products

American Personalized Products

Click Here for a list of the products featured in episodes of
John Ratzenberger's Made in America
on the Travel Channel

Why Buy American Made Products?
by Laura Ramos University of Texas at Austin


Ask before you buy gifts!
Is it made in the USA?

"Does your store carry anything Made in America?

Watch It Made In The U.S.A: A Visitor S Guide To The Companies That Make Your Favorite Products (Watch It Made In The Usa) (Paperback)
Watch It Made In The U.S.A:
A Visitors Guide To The Companies That Make Your Favorite Products (Paperback)

When you order gifts, ASK about the country of import.
manufactured in USADon't Be Fooled by seeing an American Flag on the Product!
It's sad that very few gifts are manufactured in the USA anymore. Americans spend millions (maybe billions) of dollars at Christmas, let's keep some of that here in the states!!
SO much is made in China.... can't we spread the money around a little??? When people realize the sheer magnitude of imported gift products we are buying, we can think about how to transfer some manufacturing jobs back to the USA. We have to be willing pay more for goods made in the USA.

The remainder of the links on the page may be for gift products made all over the world. Most of the products, you will find, are made in China... and imported by American companies.... there are plenty of other countries that need our money too...
...I dont have a problem supporting some sweet little village in Peru...

I do have a problem with the fact that about 90% of the merchandise at my local dept store is made in China... imports into America have reached epidemic proportion our government isnt doing enough about it.
We can do something! We must be willing to pay "higher than slave labor" wages for the goods we buy. We have to be willing pay more for goods made in the USA.


Thanks for supporting this page, and the American economy.

I've been so frustrated over the years trying to find made-in-USA products...
If the product that you really, really, really want - isn't made in the USA,
(its tough, I know)
take comfort in that you still can support me
(I am American!) & my desert community in California
by buying gifts from the this website...
Fair Trade Gifts
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