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This Week on

June 28th, 2002 ....Thanks to Channel 11's "Chiller", a horror movie show with no host from the 1960s, kids in the Los Angeles area were introduced to Mexican horror films...or "Mexploitation" films, as they are sometimes currently known.



The Brainiac, a 1961 doozie produced by, and starring, Abel Salazar, was one of the best. Also known as "El Barron del Terror", this wild mish-mash of hammy acting, poor dubbing, and atmospheric photography, also features a memorably ugly monster (with a big forked tongue for brain-sucking).


Salazar plays Baron Vitalius, a corrupt Baron who is burned at the stake in 1661 and vows to come back in 300 years to seek revenge. To make a long movie short, that's exactly what he does.



Seeking revenge on his tormentors' ancestors is hard work, so the Baron revitalizes himself with an occasional trip to a locked chest where he keeps a little bowl of brains to snack on. Why the Baron hides the brains, is never really made quite clear, but Salazar has such a good time munching them down that you tend not to care after awhile. Besides, if you're looking for logic from a Mexican horror film it's time for some radical rethinking.


It's easier just to sit back and enjoy the wondrous schlock that makes The Brainiac the steaming pile of entertainment that it is.



Where else are you gonna see a cardboard comet summon a giant rock to Earth, so it can turn into a monster and leave a dead man in his underwear?

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