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Victorian Wig
Victorian Wig


Parasol Lace
Parasol Lace


White Lace Gloves
White Lace Gloves

Almost any type of party can be themed in a Victorian fashion.

Bridal showers and Mother's teas, red hat parties or birthdays will be lovely with Victorian decorations and favors !

Many weddings have Victorian themes, tea partys, or steampunk (victorian sci-fi) occasions.

Fresh flowers, hearts, cherubs, white wrought iron, and ornate lace are all important parts of the overall theme.





VICTORIAN ENTERTAINING ETIQUETTE Eras of Elegance brings you table setting diagram, addressing invitations, and more

For favors, tussy mussys (a small, Victorian style, metal or glass, cone-shaped bouquet holder) are a perfect gift, they are available in lovely silver with engraving, or you can make your own! Traditionally, the flowers chosen for the bouqet carry special wishes and hidden messages from the giver.

How to Create a Victorian Tussy Mussy - eHow





Delicate Lace Fans were also popular in Victorian times. These can be decorated as a party activity, or simply adorned with a ribbon and a "thanks for coming" tag



Victorian Dress costumeman

As hostess, rent or buy a Victorian Dress




Victorian Tea Time party ideas at "Teas2Dine4"




Dover Ready-To-Use Victorian Women's Fashion Cuts is a treasury of
vintage copyright-free illustrations, ideal for adding a touch of Victorian charm to a wide range of art and craft projects.


These Home Made Victorian Recipe Book Favors are a fun party acitivy, and so pretty for guests to take home!







How To Host A Victorian Tea Party
Ideas & Recipes
By Luanne Oda

A Victorian Tea Party would be the most elegant of all. Everything in Victorian times was done lavishly. So break out your grandmothers china, silver, crystal & serving pieces. The fancier the better. Of course if you have a truly prized possession that would break your heart if it was damaged, please donít use for the party. Accidents do happen! Before you get your house ready & prepare your food, you have to send out invitations.


There are so many options here. With todayís computer programs you can make some beautiful ones at home. Tuck an actual tea bag in the invitation. Perhaps make some using paper doilies & scrapbooking supplies.


You will want to make the house as pretty as possible. Fresh flowers are a must, use them everywhere. I had a birthday tea in early June & I put vases of peonies everywhere, they are beautiful. Use traditional vases, or teapots that no longer have lids. Sometimes you can find then for a bargain since they no longer have a lid! Use candles both tapers & scattered votives or tea lights. I use some of those fancy shaped Christmas light that are sold now in all kinds of shapes. I have some pretty heart ones & some flower ones & even some dragonfly lights ( those are for the fairy tea party - see my page on fairy tea parties) Play soft music in the background. There are even tea party music CDís you can purchase. For tablecloths try lace or damask. Scatter silk rose petals on your table. Use real linen or fancy paper napkins. I found some monogrammed napkins at an antique store in California last year. They were inexpensive I guess because not too many people have an "O" monogram.

For Serving Pieces You Will Need At Least Some of the Following

Teapot Silver Or China

Sugar & Creamer

Salt & Pepper Shakers

Water Pitcher

Various Serving Trays

Tole Tray

China Serving Platters

Silver Serving Pieces

Crystal Serving Pieces

Crystal Plates

Crystal Bowls


Pedestal Cake Plates

Porcelain or China Teacups

Pretty Plates(mix & match is OK)

Jam or Jelly Serving Jar

Demitasse or Fancy Spoons

You donít need to spend a lot of money. You can find some great bargains at your local thrift stores, flea markets & antique malls. Mix & Match is Definitely OK for teacups & saucers. Even mismatched sets are OK. Some I have been given as gifts, but most are from estate sales or thrift stores. I have at least 24 mix & match cups & saucers.

I love the pedestal cake plates or the tiered serving pieces. I have several I purchased at the Salvation Army. I bought a vintage Hobnail cake plate for $1. It has a repair on the pedestal part , but I cover with appropriate fancy ribbon! Be sure you use lots of scented candles, be creative with your candle holders. Use paper or tatted doily under or on your serving pieces. Be sure you have a nice glass or crystal on hand for water. Maybe not all of your guests drink tea.

To use for serving sugar or with teacups, or as party favors, be sure to see some of the demitasse spoons I sell. Arenít they sweet! Tie them up to a tea bag with a little satin ribbon & you have a darling tea party favor. If you can find some bargains, give each guest a fancy teacup to take home.


Offer your guests a variety of tea flavors. I leave them out in a lined basket. It is fun to use decorated sugar cubes & sugar tongs too!


There are many varieties of tea sandwiches you can serve. Try to find a firmer style bread, cut the crust off & cut sandwiches either diagonally so you have 2 triangle sandwiches or in 4ís for a bit smaller sandwiches. Cucumber sandwiches have long been a tea party tradition. This is an easy one that everyone likes. Just spread softened cream cheese on bread & top with thinly sliced cucumbers. Simple. For a fall or Christmas time tea try turkey & cranberry sauce sandwiches. Use your favorite egg salad or chicken salad recipe. try adding sliced almonds to your chicken salad recipe, yum! For other fillings you can use, watercress, tomatoes, cheese, deli meats, smoked salmon or ham salad. For Children spread softened cream cheese on bread & top with jelly, cut with cookie cutter. On top of the sandwich spread just a bit of softened cream cheese & dust with sprinkles.


You cannot have a Victorian Tea Party without scones. You can find a variety of scone recipes on the internet. I have used scone mixes before as well. If you have a Panera Bread Store in your area, they have wonderful orange scones. You might like to have traditional devonshire cream, lemon curd or jelly or jams for your scones & biscuits.

Lemon Curd Recipe:

  • 3 eggs
  • 1/2 cup fresh lemon juice
  • 1/2 cup salted butter
  • 1 cup sugar
Mix together melted butter & sugar. Add well beaten eggs & lemon juice. Place in double boiler or over simmering water. Stir continuously for 15 minutes or until thick. Allow to cool & refrigerate. Will keep for about 2 weeks.

Traditional Tea Cakes Recipe:

  • 4 cups flour
  • 1 cup butter
  • 2 egg yolks, beaten
  • milk
  • 1 egg white, beaten
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • Caraway seeds
Mix all ingredients together, mix to paste with a little warm milk, cover with a cloth and let stand for about an hour in a warm place. Roll out cut with round or shaped cutter & bake on lightly greased or sprayed sheet at 350 degrees until they are golden brown. For other treats serve a variety of breads, cakes & cookies. Serve sliced banana bread, shortbread cookies, your favorite holiday cookies, lady fingers, lemon cookies or biscuits, orange cake, peach or strawberry tarts or tartlets, petit fors, applesauce cake, brownies or fudge, carrot cake, gingerbread, or tiny cupcakes.


Do you need an excuse to have a Victorian Tea Party?? Next time you host a baby or bridal shower, make it a tea party, a birthday party for a friend, a Christmas tea is always beautiful. Host one for your ladies group at church or ladies Bible study. Celebrate an anniversary, invite over your grandma, or granddaughters, let your little girl invite her friends for a fancy dress up day! Combine a tea party with an etiquette class, have a garden tea party in the summer, and of course there is always Valentineís Day, my favorite. Be sure to visit my website for tea accouterments and tea party favors!

Luanne R Oda aka NANALULU Article Source:


Victorian Door Prizes & Party Favors
prices subject to change by vendor USA, LLC USA, LLC


Plow & Hearth

Victorian Decorating For The Modern Home
By Lee Dobbins

The Victorian decorating style is one that combines antique accessories with modern methods and can really make your house stand out. Whether you have an old Victorian mansion or a new home, you can decorating with a Victorian style by changing small things, for instance painting and hanging vintage accessories to bring some of the Victorian age to your home.

A major component in victorian decorating is what you put on the walls. For this style the room colors make a big difference - you should contemplate putting reds and dark colors and anything with vintage appeal and depending on the particular style many colors either in your wall color or your accessories. Try using an antique style wallpaper and border sets on the walls, or if you want something different go with paint and stenciling. You don't have to get too fancy or spend a lot of money and if you are afraid of a bit of color, merely paint the walls a neutral shade and let the accents in the room do the decorating.

The floor covering can make or break your decor, but if you can not buy new flooring then just use area rugs with a Victorian design. Oriental rugs are perfect for this type of decor and you can buy genuine antique rugs, or reproductions if you are on a budget.

Accessories are key to pulling your Victorian decor together. You'll be surprised at the impact a few alterations can make! Concentrate on buying old photos, artwork and mantle clocks that match your Victorian decor. Be sure to add in plenty of antiques as well as Victorian era curios. Additional touches like vintage fabrics and vases filled with flowers can add that special touch that gives your home a professional look.

You might want to consider light fixtures in terms of both style and type to go with your Victorian decorating style,. Given that you are trying to get a Victorian look, you might want to take a look at using old fashioned ceiling lights with lamps with silk fringe shades but remember to pass up anything which is primitive or country looking. Donít forget to include table lamps as well as wall sconces.

Furniture should be Victorian in style but you donít have to use genuine antiques. For the sofa especially, you should consider a reproduction. This is because vintage Victorian sofas are very uncomfortable! Wooden pieces like side tables and curio cabinets would look best if you can buy real antiques - the new stuff is just not as beautiful as the old pieces with a rich patina. Always make sure you buy pieces that are in tip top condition.

How you dress your windows are important to your victorian decorating design theme. For a fantastic design in your parlor go with working with layered drapery or velvet curtains or heavy draped curtains with different fabrics. There are a lot of window treatments that can be paired with this design theme, particularly if you match fabrics to your window treatments, but you should avoid contemporary style window coverings.

One decorating area that is frequently overlooked when decorating is the wall space. Even the ugliest walls can be made to look good with great wall decor. Try adding vintage paintings and old photos to create an interesting look to your parlor walls to really bring out the charm of your Victorian Interior Design.

Putting together a perfect Victorian look in your home can be as basic as just buying new decorative accessories or as involved as replacing everything. Either way, working on the details and making sure to coordinate your furniture and decorative accessories will help you achieve a great new Victorian decorating look that you will be proud to claim you accomplished all by yourself!

Lee Dobbins writes for where you can learn more about decorating your home in a variety of decorating styles. Article Source: -

Considering Hosting a Tea Party? Think Victorian Tea Party
By Connie Bednar

A Victorian tea party expresses elegance and grace. When hosting a tea party, whether a little girls birthday party to a bridal shower or even a wedding a Victorian tea party can fit into every budget.

In the 1800's one of Queen Victoria's ladies in waiting started having tea and petite sandwiches served to in late afternoon. Dinner in those days was served very late in the evening. Soon, Anna, Duchess of Bedford began having friends over to share her afternoon meal.

To prepare for a Victorian tea, consider making homemade invitations use lace or paper doilies to add a decorative touch. Of course, the invitations should be written in a calligraphy font. If you are an individual that has the ability to hand address or hand write each invitation in calligraphy this would add an authentic touch.

Nothing makes a Victorian tea party more fun than dressing in the theme of the era. The Victorian fashion era included beautiful bonnets and gloves. Dresses were layered and corsets were worn to enhance the female figure. Women wore their hair in an up sweep and high collars. They decorated their lace collars and necklines with cameo pins.

Folded fans were a very popular and important fashion accessory. In fact, the afternoon teas of the era eventually turned in to tea dances where women met potential future husbands. In fact, the folded fan and different gestures by the female that held the fan communicated messages to the potential suitor.

Victorian females were usually naturalists and loved to garden. When hosting a tea party, consider flowers, lots of flowers! A garden party is a great venue for a Victorian tea party.

If flowers are not an option, it is not necessary to have a centerpiece. In Victorian days, a lace tablecloth was used and the food was the main attraction.

Tea party food should be placed in the middle of the serving table and the tea service should be placed on one end. A coffee service, optional, would be placed at the other end.

The best part of a Victorian tea party is you can plan a party on your budget. Tea cups do not have to match. In fact mismatched tea cups make the table look quite charming. If you cannot afford or do not have a lace tablecloth, use paper doilies to get the affect you are trying to accomplish.

Linen or lace napkins are a nice touch, but when they are not in your budget, purchase the nicer quality paper napkins and roll them up and tie them with a pretty ribbon and some baby breath and a small flower. It is also acceptable to use a mix and match of linen napkins and place mats. This adds a whimsical effect to your Victorian theme.

Have teapots and a variety of different teas available for your guests. Make sure you have herbal tea choices for those individuals that are concerned about their caffeine intake. Make sure to have sugar cubes and tongs, lemon wedges and milk to put into the tea.

Traditional tea party food would include tea sandwiches, scones, clotted cream, and lemon curd, and a variety of petite pastries: tea breads, muffins and small cookies.

It is also important to set the mood for the party with the right music. Victorian music near the end of the era became surprisingly versatile. In the early years piano music was very popular. In the later years, faster music from other parts of Europe became an influence so the polka, jig and waltz were popular.

When considering hosting a tea party, consider a Victorian tea party theme. It is a fun way to bring elegance and grace of past traditions into the present day. Give the gift of a special afternoon to your family and friends. You may enjoy it so much you will make it an ongoing family tradition.

Connie Bednar writes about tea which she has enjoyed all her life. For more ideas for a tea party visit this page on her site Victorian-tea-party

Article Source:

Party Tips
Set everything up "tea party" style, with delicate serving trays and some items on pedestal cake-stands.

Use taffeta and lace swags for tablecloths, in light or bright pastel colors, with tassels on the corners, and plenty of floral arrangements.

Click to Shop Pfaltzgraff
Get out the fanciest china you have, and the good silver too.
The more ornate the better.

Victorian Tea Cookies
4 sticks butter
2 cups sugar
6 eggs
1 tsp vanilla
7 cups flour
2 tbls baking powder
Mix together sugar, butter, eggs and vanilla in a mixing bowl.
In separate bowl, mix flour and baking powder.
Slowly blend flour mixture and sugar mixture. Knead together. If sticky, add more flour and let sit a minute.
Roll into balls and then into small "fingers" or logs. Beat an egg and brush cookie tops.
Bake at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes.

The ultimate collection of Victorian Recipes. These recipes are from the late 19th Century and are thus truly Victorian.


Use crocheted or paper doilies and ribbon for place settings and buffet decorations.
Royal Paper Products Lace Paper Doilies 4 in. white pack of 36


This lovely webpage contains several Victorian recipes, including scones, crumpets, and more.









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