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Chocolate & Candy Gifts


Valentine Chocolates

Ordinary Candy,
Perhaps -- but
Boxed in a ruby
Heart, it grows
Exotic, mysterious;
Not to mention
The red cellophane
Wrapper, which
Looked through,
Shows a marvelous
Scarlet World.

~Valerie Worth


sweet chocolate heart shape boxes

No matter who you are giving valentines to, chances are they
would also love a box of chocolates!

Valentine boxes of chocolates
are often heart shaped, but also come in other fun designs for anyone.

sweet chocolate heart shape boxes Choc. Source - Gourmet Chocolate for Valentines Day


sweet chocolate heart shape boxes

Luxury Chocolate Gifts


valentine candy


Luxury Chocolate Gifts


chocolate heart


Luxury Chocolate Gifts

Valentines Day Candy Celebration
By Christopher Pratt

In the United States, St. Valentine's Day is the second largest card giving holiday celebrated. Somewhere in the vicinity of 190 million lover's and friend's greeting cards are sent each year. The holiday is said to come to us from ancient Roman Empire times when a priest who was forbidden to perform marriages for the young strapping, healthy Roman soldiers defied Roman law and performed the marriages anyway. He was eventually caught and imprisoned and executed. Now that's romantic.

Ever since the early 1700's, Americans have been sending expression of friendship, gratitude, and love to those around them. In the early 1800's, Esther A. Howland produced the first commercial Valentine greeting cards. And even though receiving a beautiful card is wonderful, Americans have demonstrated, by their purchases during this winter holiday, that candy is still our sentiment of preference.

Of all of the gifts and love notes exchanged on Valentine's Day the most popular item is candy, and for good reason. Each year on the same day in mid February (the 14th) candy is given to loved ones as a symbol of our love and commitment. There are thousands of candymakers across the country that hit high gear in the early weeks of the year to meet the incredible demands of candy lovers.

Shops and stores offer big red hearts filled with a variety of sugar filled delicacies, nuts and sweets nesting in tiny little organdy bags, or just plain old candy bars; it doesn't matter as it is given with love. That's right the holiday is all about love. It is the lover's holiday.

This is the time of year for sweethearts to enthrall their honeys with words of devotion and gifts of sweets. The supplies of goodies are unlimited, and the candies nestled in elaborate beribboned boxes are like gold. For some reason, perhaps the value of the cocoa and chocolate products in previous centuries made the gift of candy a real prize. So, when a young suitor showed up to his girl's house with candy under his arm, the object of his affections knew she was highly prized.

Much like the past it is still exciting to be given some of your favorite candy and chocolates on Valentine's Day. Some enjoy the dark chocolate, others light. Some are even switching to sugarless chocolate to suit their latest dieting needs. Don't forget caramel and nougat or any other candy that suits your palate. Whatever it is honor a loved one or friend with their favorites wrapped up in a big red bow this Valentine's Day!

Christopher Pratt is President of Candy Warehouse, the leading online candy store for bulk candy discounts and specialty candy for specific occasions. Check out their great selection of valentines day candy and other delectable treats. Article Source:


sweet chocolate heart shape boxes

The 5th Element

sweet chocolate heart shape boxes




Such meek
Little tokens,
Sugary white
Shy green, prim
Yellow and pink;

But spiced with
Mottoes: SURE
Each one like
A reckless wink.

~Valerie Worth




Established in 1847, Necco is the oldest multi-line candy company in the US. Their colorful Conversation Hearts date back to 1902.


About 8 billion hearts are produced each year-enough candy to stretch from Rome, Italy to Valentine, Arizona and back again twenty times!





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