Why Bad Movies?



From the Circular File of Junkyard John:


Anyone can watch a good movie; expound upon it's virtues and commend performances. But what about bad movies? Do you have what it takes to sit through feeble attempts at performing that are so frustratingly rotten that you attempt to complete the dialogue yourself? Probably not, but this is where Dumpsterpiece Theatre fits in. We control the stupidity----we can change the humor from a soft blur, or...but, I digress.

The staff of Dumpsterpiece Theatre see our program as a format which allows you, the viewer, to enjoy or reject a film on its' own lack of merit. Sure, we add a lot of rude sound effects where the original filmmakers probably couldn't afford any. And an evening rarely goes by without our adding a few choice sequences of our own. Wouldn't you?

But the thing to remember about our show is the fact that it is going out live, so we are attempting to entertain ourselves along with you (so we don't all fall asleep)! I mean, we have already seen these films at least once or twice during the course of the week, so the thought of watching the same piece of crap --- well, some form of anarchy is bound to result. So that is why we show you films --- shall I say--- of a lesser quality.

We feel vintage, low-budget filmmaking is extra special because it simply cannot be done the same way anymore. There is nothing more hilariously exhilarating than watching flying saucers dangle on visible wires or rubber monsters with zippers up their backs. They weren't trying to be funny (like the obvious high-camp of today's sorry films)---directors in the 1950s and '60s couldn't afford to do it over and over again; Their films would never have been completed.

And that is the ultimate reason why we enjoy these "Dumpsterpiece Classics"--- At least they got made. So try and enjoy these films for what ever reasons you may find, and perhaps you will enjoy them with a keener eye.

After all, the only truly bad film is a boring one.



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