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happy halloween
from the folks here at Dumpsterpiece Theatre!

What's better than nothing to do on Halloween? Lot's of things, one of them is Monogram Pictures' 1941 KING OF THE ZOMBIES, one of the first few zombie flicks made before World War II.

Although no intestines or brains are snacked on in this 67 minute "zombedy" classic directed by Jean Yarbrough, it does have the comic antics of Mantan Moreland as Jefferson Jackson, the scaredy-cat valet of a couple of so and so's who do this and that, talk alot. (Just watch Mantan. he's hilarious.)

Plus your hosts John, Stu and Alphonso will be there to hold your hand and make the boogeyman go away in case you fall asleep from fright! Enjoy this ALL - NEW 2010 episode of Dumpsterpiece Theatre!
Happy Halloweenie!




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This week on Dumpsterpiece Theatre:

Originally broadcast in December 2001, this episode of Dumpsterpiece Theatre features the 1968 film
"Lost Continent"
starring Cesar Romero, Hugh Beaumont and John Hoyt ~




The Monster of Piedras Blancas

A seaside town plays host
to a cave-dwelling
ocean creature
thirsting for blood!

This week we present a classic DumpTV episode featuring
"Monster from Piedras Blancas" (1959)
Starring Les Tremayne, Forrest Lewis, John Harmon, directed by Irvin Berwick.

Originally broadcast LIVE & UNREHEARSED
on cable TV, with Alphonso the Rat and Stu the Carrot,
April 19, 1996
in Palmdale, CA.

This episode is also packed with several movie trailers, intermission clips,
and Junkyard John's exclusive interview with Les Tremayne himself!

The preview trailers included in this episode:
This Island Earth
1953 War of the Worlds
When Worlds Collide
It Came From Outer Space
The Mole People

Thanks for tuning in!

More about The Monster of Piedras Blancas can be found at the following fan sites:
Crazed Fan Boy
1000 Misspent Hours

Dumpsterpiece Theatre Hijacks Cult TV A-Go-Go

We've got a ton of classic DumpTV clips, and we will be presenting out 4th ever episode, from 1994, with guest host Michael Berryman, and a tribute to Ray Dennis Steckler! We even dusted off and reworked the puppets! We've got classic clips, preview trailers, never-before-broadcast outtakes, live music and much more!
It's live TV for the new generation. Tune in July 10th 6pm PST!

Here is some raw footage from the live show on July 10th. A great time was had by all! Thanks to everyone who worked so hard!

The nice folks at Cult Radio A-Go-Go took a bunch of backstage photos from the event, and posted a photo album on facebook. Thanks Terry & Tiffany!

This clip contains adult language (because we could) ...

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You asked for it ...
In this zany episode from 2002, Junkyard John, Alphonso, Stu,
and special guests Sergio present
"El Barón del Terror", AKA "Brainiac"
a 1962 stinker directed by Chano Urueta.
The IMdb plot summary goes like this: In 1661 Mexico, the Baron Vitelius of Astara is sentenced to be burned alive by the Holy Inquisition of Mexico for witchcraft, necromancy, and other crimes. As he dies, the Baron swears vengeance against the descendants of the Inquisitors. 300 years later, a comet that was passing overhead on the night of the Baron's execution returns to earth, bringing with it the Baron in the form of a horrible, brain-eating monster that terrorizes the Inquisitor's descendants.
In spite of all that, this is a funny episode of Dumpsterpiece Theatre, enjoy!





Originally broadcast in April 2002, here is the episode that features
the classic 1958 AIP b-movie, directed by Bernard Kowalski . The feature film is only an hour long, so we also included several preview trailers, a short silent film from 1902 "A Trip to the Moon" and several DVD reviews from Junkyard John.


Read some in-depth reviews of Night of the Blood Beast at and



October 2009

Originally broadcast on November 30th, 2001,
this episode of Dumpsterpiece Theatre features the 1962 cult classic "The Brain that Wouldn't Die"

A doctor experimenting with transplant techniques keeps his girlfriend's head alive when she is decapitated in a car crash, then goes hunting for a new body.

The film stars Jason Evers, Virginia Leith, and Leslie Daniels.

The DumpTV episode features Junkyard John, Alphonso the Rat, and our good friend Eff as our "head in a pan" ~

Bonus content includes a musical video by our house band Scarred for Life,
and preview trailers for "Bloodlust" and "The Devil's Hand"






July 2009 - We proudly present

a 13 minute horror comedy filmed and produced (during lunch breaks?) by the employees of a Hollywood prop shop.

Junkyard John visits with Tony Tortalano, Director of Photography for the film, before and after the movie.





In honor of our dear friend Ray Dennis Steckler, who passed away on January 7th, 2009
... we bring you our 1996 episode featuring Steckler's classic

"The Incredibly Strange Creatures
who Stopped Living and
Became Mixed-up Zombies!!?

This is an excellent example of our early "Palmdale" episodes that we broadcast LIVE and unrehearsed on local cable in the mid-90's. You'll need to adjust your volume, and expect black outs during the broadcast. There are silly sound effects louder than the dialogue, and overall lack of focus. Watch for Saddam Houssein's floating head, and there is a little bit of talking over the movie, which we didn't often do. We didn't cut out the "commercials" because they are just too funny.... or cut the station ID's because there were none! We did, however, use every special camera effect we had available. At 1:28:20 Alphonso's has about had it ... "Enough with the Hippy Crap, STOP IT" ... The very beginning of the 90's theme song got cut off at the beginning of this video, but it's replayed at the end of the episode.
Full, unabused, versions of this movie, with new extended scenes are available on DVD at

Bonus - this episode includes video from the 1996 Antelope Valley Fair Parade
where we won THIRD PLACE for Small Floats!
...good times!

"Incredibly Strange" T-Shirts are for sale at Ray's website



A tough, film-noir tale of New York harbor customs agents cracking down on narcotics smuggling. Featuring Yul Brenner's film debut. This episode of Dumpsterpiece Theatre was originally broadcast in April 2002, and features an appearance by Faye Fluffer.

Scott Brady ... Michael 'Mickey' Waters
Richard Rober ... Jim Flannery
K.T. Stevens ... Toni Cardell
Yul Brynner ... Paul Vicola
Arthur Blake ... Dolly Carney
Lynne Carter ... Lili Long
John Kellogg ... Lenny
William Challee ... Leo Stasser

Director: László Benedek
Runtime: 82 mins




This week we are proud to present
our October 2002 episode featuring
"Assignment Terror"

.....Every now and then we run across movies that go beyond mere bad and into that realm of enjoyably rotten; "Assignment Terror!" is such a film. This German- Italian-Spanish-Argentinian co-production came to the U.S. with other unwanted cargo sometime in 1970 under the disguise of several titles---"Los Monstruos del Terror," "Dracula vs. Frankenstein," "The Man Who Came from Ummo"---what were they thinking?

Two directors are credited here, Tulio Demicheli and Hugo Fregonese, which explains why the film looks like two different films arbitrarily cut together. This has more continuity problems than "Manos, The Hands of Fate," another one of those so-bad-they're-good pics. I like to call the process 'cut with a meat axe'... descriptive without the dressing.

Sadly, this is Michael Rennie's final film and appears to have been shot right down to his final breath. I am totally convinced that the filmmakers dubbed another voice over Rennie's, because if that was his real voice we hear, then he was in worse shape than even I thought. "Cyborg 2087" was only a couple of years before this, and he looked fine. Maybe the fact that he found himself trapped in this aimless mess just drained it out of him. Anyway you slice it, it's a far cry from "The Day the Earth Stood Still'" or even his BBC TV series based on "The Third Man" (that's right, he was Harry Lime in the TV version)


Spain's answer to Lon Chaney, Jr., Paul Naschy, plays all of the monsters that are so close to Universal's famous monsters, they had to change their names. What they came up with for the Frankenstein monster rivals Mel Brook's 'Dr. Fronkonsteen'.
This is probably the most watchable of his horror epics; I don't believe we'll be showing any more of his junk. They're no where near as laughably rotten as this, but few films are. - Junkyard John October 2002









Check out the latest online episode of DUMPTV... We're almost proud to present
"Manos, The Hands of Fate,"
the legendary cult film stinkeroo filmed in El Paso.
It is easily one of our funnier shows because it is really such a bad, bad film.

--Junkyard John


donaldglut.comCult film fans are in for a treat this Saturday, June 21 2008, as filmmaker Don Glut ("I Was a Teenage Movie Maker," "The Erotic Rites of Countess Dracula") appears as featured guest on the Cult Radio A-Go-Go internet radio program. He will undoubtedly be there to promote his latest feature, "Blood Scarab," which will be released later this year.

In a recent phone conversation, Glut told me he was excited about this new film because it represents a departure from the soft erotica that his earlier films had to feature to compete in the fierce independent market. So while admitting that there will still be some nudity to capture the "R" rated audience, he did sound relieved that he didn't have to rely on the soft core approach for this picture. "You can only go to the prerequisite lesbian scene so many times", he said with a laugh.

In "Blood Scarab," Glut is pleased to announce that there will be more monsters ("a vampire & a mummy") and less smut, while keeping the naked girls---it's an R, after all. So check out the show this Saturday at...

Cult Radio A-Go-Go!

And while you are at it, check out the latest episode of DUMPTV. We're almost proud to present "Manos, The Hands of Fate," the legendary cult film stinkeroo filmed in El Paso. It is easily one of our funnier shows because it is really such a bad, bad film.

--Junkyard John



What was the unspeakable secret of the sea?

This Week on Dumpsterpiece Theatre, we present Roger Corman's 1961 cult classic "CREATURE FROM THE HAUNTED SEA" The third in our Roger Corman trilogy - the last and also the least. We shot this episode LIVE in June 2001 - John and Alphonso start getting silly earlier than usual.

Here are some links to thorough reviews of "Creature from the Haunted Sea"

B-Movie Review Archive


Not Corman's best film, but surely a fun episode of Dumpsterpiece Theatre! Parents beware, this one is rated TV-14



This Week on Dumpsterpiece Theatre,
we present Roger Corman's 1960 cult classic

We continue our Roger Corman series with a tale of murder and sculpture. The lead character, Seymour, creates a flesh-eating plant, and is forced to murder people in order to feed it. Hilarity ensues!
Don't forget young Jack Nicholson playing a masochistic dental patient! "No novocaine. It dulls the senses. "
Corman filmed "Little Shop" in only two days, yet it remains popular, and went on to inspire a musical version of the film in 1986.

We had a blast during this 2001 live episode. We gave away some prizes from a local hobby store, but that contest is long over guys, sorry! The greenery for our version of the flower shop was courtesy of a local dept store. There are not any live-mishaps like during last week's "Bucket of Blood" but Alphonso's jokes during the 2nd host break had all of us in the studio laughing out loud.





April 24, 2008

This Week on Dumpsterpiece Theatre,
we present Roger Corman's 1959 beatnik horror comedy


A coffeehouse busboy wants to be as hip as the poetry-spouting beatniks he waits on. When he accidentally kills his cat with a knife and covers it with plaster. The resultant 'sculpture' is declared an artistic masterpiece. Contorted dead humans bring more recognition, until the busboy is finally nabbed for his crimes. synopsis by filmcatcher



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Hey Boys in Ghouls - Nice to see ya'll !!


After a bit of a hiatus, we're happy to present
an episode that we originally broadcast on local cable in November 2001...




no gorilla in the movieSynopsis thanks to The Missing Link
Credits: Cast: Basil Rathbone, Ferlin Husky, Lon Chaney Jr., Joi Lansing, John Carradine, George Barrows, Linda Ho, Sonny James, Molly Bee, Merle Haggard, Don Bowman, Jim Kent, Marcella Wright, Richard Webb, Larry Barton.
Director: Jean Yarbrough; Prod: Bernard Woolner; Sc: Duke Yelton; Ph: Vaughn Wilkins; Ed: Roy Livingston & Holbrook Todd; Art: Paul Sylos Jr.; Ph.Fx: Howard A. Anderson Co.; Music: Hal Borne.

A mansion that appears to be haunted is actually a front for three crooks, (Carradine, Chaney and Rathbone), who are stealing atomic secrets. Two country music stars, (Husky & Lansing), and their manager take shelter from a storm in the house and are menaced by a gorilla, secret panels, the crooks and a fake ghost. The juvenile humour and the poor acting is only surpassed by the awful country music concert that takes up the last remaining 20 minutes of the film. Not included here for any great film qualities, but as a sad reminder of the decline of good horror actors in their later years. This was Rathbone's last film, he died on July 21st 1967.



Even with the long list of stars, this movie's a real stinker.
You'll see that John & Alphonso are too busy goofing off
and can't make it all the way through the movie without drinking alot of beer...

Hope Ya'll Enjoy It!




crazy long logo art



Today we present "Lemin-aid Stand" - a fan favorite - a no-budget comedy, shot on VHS, edited in camera, at Dean & Nancy's backyard in 1995.









from the cast & crew of Dumpsterpiece Theatre!

For your holiday viewing pleasure, we are reposting our 2001 Christmas episode, parts of which had to be removed by request of some grinchy corporate suits. bah humbug to them. but even without the ex-tay very-aye cartoons, this is an excellent episode with many vintage christmas cartoons, and not-to-miss musical numbers by our own Alphonso, Sergio, Faye Fluffer, and the zombie carolers. Add the classic drive-in clips, and you've got a fantastic holiday treat!


(the full episode will appear here when we can create a decent copy of it)


Here is a clip from the same episode - Sergio sings "feliz navidad"


This week on Dumpsterpiece Theatre:


Mickey Rooney, Jeanne Cagney, Barbara Bates and Peter Lorre star in this noir tale of desperation and lies. One small indiscretion turns into another and another and the main character cannot pull himself up out of trouble, just like quicksand.

Junkyard John's DVD Pick of the week

The Film Noir of Anthony Mann
Raw Deal
He Walked by Night


Quicksand Links:



Jackass Critic Review

Savant Review

Movie Mythos



Happy Thanksgiving
from Junkyard John, and the crew of Dumpsterpiece Theatre!
To celebrate this fine holiday, we bring you "Carving Magic" a vintage instructional film directed by, none other than, gore-father Herschell Gordon Lewis, himself! --

Also dont miss... sentimental clips of our favorite turkey wrangler.

Happy Holidaze Everyone!


Carving Magic
is included as a bonus short
on the Blood Feast DVD available at





Junkyard John and Alphonso present this 1961 gorefest featuring Wilton Graff, June Kenney, and famous Brady dad Robert Reed - looking young and hunky.

IMdb plot synopsis: ((A group of teen-agers vacationing in the tropics take a boat out to a seemingly deserted island. They soon find, however, that the island is inhabited by a wealthy recluse and his staff. While their host is initially hospitable, he quickly reveals his true purpose: to hunt down and kill each of his visitors, as he has done with everyone unlucky enough to set foot on his island. Plotline written by Jean-Marc Rocher {} ))

This episode was originally broadcast LIVE on cable TV in Lancaster and Palmdale California. Soon after this episode, we made the decision to start taping our shows prior to broadcast.


March 18, 2007

*A Tribute to Mary Kaye *
The "First Lady of Rock n Roll"

Mary Kaye (born Mary Ka'aihue) descended from Hawaiian royalty in the line of Queen Liliuokalani, Hawaii's last reigning monarch, and was born into a show business family. She is credited, along with Louis Prima, as being a founder of the Las Vegas "lounge" phenomenon: an all-night party atmosphere where stars and common folk rubbed elbows in a freewheeling environment. -wikipedia



February 21, 2007

This DumpTV episode features "Dizzy & Daffy", a 1934 short baseball film starring Jerome and Paul Dean, with Roscoe Ates, Shemp Howard, Dick Cramer, and directed by Lloyd French ... ... Thanks for tuning in!


Happy Holidaze from

December 9th, 2006




November 23rd, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving from Junkyard John, and the crew of Dumpsterpiece Theatre!
To celebrate this fine holiday, we bring you "Carving Magic" a vintage instructional film directed by, none other than, gore-father Herschell Gordon Lewis, himself! --

Also dont miss... sentimental clips of our favorite turkey wrangler.

Happy Holidaze Everyone!


Carving Magic
is included as a bonus short
on the Blood Feast DVD available at






Webisode # 32 - October 13th 2006
Happy Friday the 13th!

Here's our 2002 presentation of "TORMENTED" ... the classic 1960 horror movie, starring Richard Carlson, directed and produced by Bert I. Gordon



This episode features music by
Kevin Ayers
Robert Wyatt





October 7th 2006

Put on your spectro-glasses, indulge in the mind altering drug of your choosing, and trip out to the sights and sounds of SPACERUST "The Marble Orchard Suite" - 30 minutes of kalidescoping psychedila. Beware of strobing!



September 20, 2006

A full length episode originally broadcast on local television in September 2002...
Bert I. Gordon's "The Magic Sword" (1962)
John, Stu & Alphonso are working the snack bar, the popcorn is stale, and so are the jokes. Enjoy!




September 5, 2006

We had the serendipitous fortune of finding out that Los Straitjackets were a last-minute booking at the Antelope Valley Fair, right here in our home town!


Seriously we had a great time, we chatted with the guys and fully enjoyed all three sets. Here's a couple songs and Dean's interview with Daddy-o Grande... sweet!

Pick up some Los Straitjackets today at!




August 29th, 2006

Finally! We're presenting, online for the first time ever, an entire episode from our broadcast days! This is the full two-hour presentation of SHE DEMONS (1958) - Not only do you get to see the whole film, but since it's only 77 minutes, you also get a DVD review of some Three Stooges releases at the time, some preview trailers, including "Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things" and some classic drive-in intermission clips, in place of the local commericals. ... and the usual DumpTV shenanigans.

For our new internet fans, this is what the show was like for 6 years, live every Friday night on a low-watt local TV station. ... enjoy!





August 15th, 2006

"Happy Birthday Stan Freberg"

This week, DumpTV pays tribute to Stan Freberg, who turned 80 years old on August 7th. I've been a Freberg fan since my uncle played me John & Marsha in 1960. His unique sense of humor is just a fresh (and relevant) today; I hope you enjoy our humble tribute to one of America's most original comic minds.
- Junkyard John




to our contest winners!

OC, from Anaheim, CA
Tim, from Fort Worth, TX

They submitted the correct answers in last weeks trivia contest. Prizes are on the way!




August 11th, 2006

Junkyard John's 3-minute book review
... featuring Hollywood Escapes: The Moviegoer's Guide to Exploring Southern California's Great Outdoors by Harry Medved & Bruce Akiyama - a comprehensive guide to Southern California's outdoor filming locations



August 1st, 2006

Much of the music behind Dumpsterpiece Theatre is played by this band, Jet Drive-In also and formerly known as Scarred for Life ...

This is the second in our no-budget musical summer series ... "the dirty window sessions" ... you'll hear the original DumpTV theme song, and a long time fan-favorite, "the brain that wouldn't die"

a clip from the first dirty-window session is now playing on Jet Drive-in's myspace page


July 17th, 2006

This week John presents "Here Comes Flossie" a fun short from 1933 starring Ben Blue and Shemp Howard. wait, didnt we see ben blue last week???



July 11th, 2006

Don't push the snooze bar - Junkyard John's got an early morning treat for you all - an un-aired TV pilot from the 50's called "Who Goes There" - Campy fun sitcom craziness at its worst!



July 5th, 2006

Get ready to throw some trash! We have two featurettes for you this week!

First up is the short film "The Case of the Screaming Bishop" a 1944 animated mystery...

and "A Study in Brown" with Reg Kehoe and his Marimba Queens - an early 40's musical number with a hopped up bass player that you really should not miss!

Hope everyone had a "safe insane" 4th of July!



June 26th, 2006

Arthur Franz

Hope all of you B-movie fans enjoy our little tribute to Arthur Franz, who passed away June 17th ath the age of 86. His daughter, Susan Martinson of Oxnard, said that he got married for the fourth time to Sharron last Valentine's Day and that his favorite film was "The Sniper," the 1952 film noir directed by Edward Dmytryk. My favorite Franz film is "The Atomic Submarine"; He has plenty of fans here at DUMPTV. ~Junkyard John



June 20th, 2006

As a former employee of the Lancaster Drive-in, Junkyard John has some interesting stories to tell...
listen in while he recalls the good ol' days, and presents our no-budget version of "the crawling eye"



June 13th, 2006

This week on Dumpsterpiece Theatre
we pay a small tribute to our dear friend Bill Reger,
who would have been forty years old today ...

Please visit Bill's memorial website,
and feel free to leave comments and memories on the message board.

In late December 2004, we lost our dear friend Bill Reger. He was an integral part of our second (3 year long) season, playing characters such as Bob Tarzana, Faye Fluffer, the 'man eating chicken,' Alice Cooper Davis, and many, many more. He played bass in the "Dumpsterpiece Theatre Theatre Orchestra," provided tons of great music, and worked diligently behind the scenes as well, making sure the show looked and sounded fantastic.

Besides the TV show, and being an overall super friend, Bill provided audio/visual support to all of our projects, parties, and events for the better part of 20 years.

We love ya Bill, Rest in Peace

visit Bill's memorial page here



June 6th, 2006

We present "Lemin-aid Stand" - a fan favorite - a no-budget comedy, shot on VHS, edited in camera, at Dean & Nancy's backyard in 1995.





May 30th, 2006

Possibly the worst bartender ever, this week Junkyard John serves up
"Wackiki Wabbit" - a classic Bugs Bunny cartoon - from our own DumpTV Tiki Bar!



In the mood for a luau?
click here!
The princess can help plan the party!




May 23rd, 2006

A "quickie" for ya ...
Come on down to the snack bar, and enjoy this
drive-in theater intermission commercial - short and sweet, and a treat to eat!




May 17th, 2006
This week's chapter of
Dumpsterpiece Theatre...


In this musical edition of DumpTV, we present "I'll Be Glad When You're Dead, You Rascal You" a Betty Boop cartoon featuring Louis Armstrong's floating head...
Also... two self made rock music videos by "Scarred for Life" that we made back in the mid-90's






May 9th, 2006
This week's chapter of
Dumpsterpiece Theatre...

All around the campfire - the craziest stuff can happen! Alphonso & the princess met up with some interesting characters while camping at the beach last weekend, and we were inspired to have some campfire fun of our own. Also included: Bambi Vs Godzilla, and a fire safety featurette.


Despite what the end credits say, this is Webisode #14!





May 2nd, 2006
This week's chapter of
Dumpsterpiece Theatre...

"Midway Mike"
This weeks mega-webisode includes the 1940 featurette "Coney Island" by Castle Films - and an appearance by the 175-pound man eating chicken!
It's our longest online episode yet, 25 minutes!
The film clips are courtesy of the Internet Archive, and music from Dean & Nancy's visit to Musée Mécanique, both in San Francisco.


Stu & Alphonso visit the Antelope Valley Fair, around 1997

Tune In Next Week
for the next exciting episode of
Dumpsterpiece Theatre

Click Here to view previous weeks webisodes!





fuck hummers
April 25, 2006

"Slave to the Pump"
our own commentary on America's everlasting oil crisis, with music by Hawkwind, and still images scoured from the internet.
Special thanks to












April 18 , 2006

"Manos" Hands of Fate brought to you by Junkyard John, Alphonso, and two of the Dumpsterpiece Players: William as Sergio, and Stacey as Torgo.
The title plate as seen above, and the clip from "Manos" are courtesy of a cool b-movie review site that everyone should explore! This week's music is by Spacerust and the DumpTV Orchestra
Get your own copy of "Manos" Hands of Fate at



April 11 , 2006
In this week's chapter of
Dumpsterpiece Theatre...

Junkyard John presents a hilarious clip from Dumpsterpiece Theatre's "She Demons" episode, featuring Bill Reger and Dean Matherly as Hiroshi & Mitchell, it's one of our very favorite bits, ever.
.... also this week we've included a trailer for the film "Atragon The 9th Wonder Of The World" --- Thanks for Tuning In!




April 4 , 2006

Webisode # 9 --- Junkyard John presents a swashbucklin' good time that we had during a 2001 episode of our live, unrehearsed, broadcast show. Joining the pirate crew for this skit is our friends Mike Walters and Donald Burke, as well as Bill Reger as "seaman swallows".... of course we've thrown in a drive-in intermission clip, and a silent movie trailer from 1922! Enjoy, and see ya next week!








Master of the Flying Guillotine

Master of the Flying Guillotine

john alphonso on set

one armed boxer





March 28, 2006
In this week's chapter of
Dumpsterpiece Theatre...

We bring you a few clips from another of our episodes that were broadcast on TV in 2002 . The feature film was "Master of the Flying Guillotine" and we had a great time messing with this movie! It's one of the only episodes where the viewer gets a sneak-peek at the control room at the television station, and other behind-the-scenes shenanigans. Enjoy!


Gunfighter Ballads & Trail Songs
alphonso being funny

Master of the Flying Guillotine

Master of the Flying Guillotine


Webisode #7 - March 21, 2006
Junkyard John brings you "Billion Dollar Bradys"... a skit we put together for our presentation of the movie "Bloodlust" and its star, Robert Reed. Also included is Mitchell & Hiroshi battling over their favorite cereal, music by spacerust and the Dumptv Orchestra, ...and don't blink, or you might miss our friend acidhead ed... view all of our episodes and much more at -
Thanks for tuning in, see ya next week!



You can watch the 1961 classic film, Bloodlust,
in small streaming video @

Tune In Next Week
for the next Dumpsterpiece Theatre
Click Here for ALL the archved webisodes!




March 14, 2006

Junkyard John presents two bits of fun, a music video, 'bugs' by our own Jet Drive-In, and a hallucinogenic clip from one of our more recent broadcast episodes of the live TV show. Enjoy!




March 7, 2006

Junkyard John presents a classic clip from the old tv show, circa 2002, in which Bob Tarzana brings along an animated ant farm. It's psychedelic fun!

We'd like to thank everyone who worked so hard for all those years on Dumpsterpiece Theatre, so this week, we've included the two-minute credit reel from the broadcast show!

This one's not for the kiddies, so send them to their rooms... now... thanks, ok... push play!

March 7, 2006

BONUS! presents
The Fists of Karma

There are universal laws that man must obey in order to remain alive. There are always challengers to these rules. Here is the story of one of them. Stalemations have been around for quite awhile but the Fists of Karma is a new series. All the work is done by one man at his laptop. The stories are from urban legend. Who is this man. See the video and read the credits. See more at


March 1, 2006
Junkyard John and friends pay tribute to three recently deceased actors, and speculate upcoming celebrity passings


February 17th, 2006 - Junkyard John presents "Stu in Space" - featuring a classic low-tech Dumpsterpiece Theatre clip that originally aired January 2002

Junkyard John's 30 second review of the new "Pink Panther" film
February 10th, 2006


February 2006

Hey Folks - Junkyard John here...

Bet you thought we were all dead or in jail, but actually it's just been a case of the lazys. We all have real jobs in the unreal world which gives us more things to bitch about. Some of that will translate into a new series of short films, skits, revues--- you know, the same ol' Dumpsterpiece crap. But that's what we are here for. Besides, we miss humiliating ourselves in public and thought the internet would b a great place to broaden that embarrassment.

I also want to get back into the film historian thing, because there are still hundreds of stories that were either told to me by the people who were there, or I was there myself. So I may as well fill you in on the unseen side of film making and the often bizarre array of people behind them. When I look back on those days, I am still in awe over some of the characters I met while covering "the Industry" for the A.V. Press and (briefly) Fangoria magazine. In fact, one of these days, I'll tell you how editor Tony Timpone 'fired' me and forbade me from ever being associated with his magazine ever again---like that was a bad thing.

I'll also share reminisces with the late, great John Agar, who killed more monsters in '50s and '60s science fiction movies than just about anybody else; and he told some excellent stories. I am also going to transpose and print, for the first time EVER, my complete interview with the Godfather of Gore, Herschell Gordon Lewis. That's right, the KING. It is still one of my favorites and is pretty damn funny to boot.

Soon-to-follow interviews will include Burlesque legend Kitten Natividad, cult movie icon Ray Dennis Steckler (with whom I worked with on and off for over 10 years), Yvette Vickers (of 'Giant Leeches' and '50 Foot Woman' fame), Les Tremayne (the original 'War of the Worlds' and 'The Monster of Piedras Blancas' ) to name but a few.

I look forward to the Steckler piece in particular because, without Ray, I would never had gotten the hands-on experience of editing and screenwriting that I later used to great satisfaction in the final live-broadcast years of Dumpsterpiece Theatre. I am so thankful that his best films are now available on DVD through Media Blasters and are all highly recommended, in spite of the disrespectful commentary by Joe Bob Briggs. I know he has a reputation to uphold, but if you're gonna make money analyzing a filmmaker's career, Bob, find out what makes him tick first. Would have liked that better..., that's all.

Anyway, keep an eye on this space for loads of z-movie fun!


a teaser from John & Alphonso
January 2006



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