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RCT3 + Soaked!/Wild -
RCT2 + Time Twister/Wacky Worlds
RCT - The Original + Corkscrew Follies/Loopy Landscapes


RCT - The Original
Corkscrew Follies
Loopy Landscapes
Time Twister
Wacky Worlds


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I've been playing RollerCoaster Tycoon, in some form, since Christmas 1999. I loved it instantly... I spent my entire holiday break playing that game, and many many hours beyond that.

I liked RCT2 even better than the first version, and played it non-stop for years, until my hard drive was full of custom rides and scenery... I loved finally having themed restrooms! I love posting my scenarios and themed tracks for people to enjoy!

oh yeah, then RCT3 was released... I got it Dec. 6th 2004...

oh yeah, and I "had to" buy a new computer in order to play RCT3 :)

I have finished all of the official RCT3 and Soaked and Wild scenarios...

I always look forward expansion packs. Besides new tracks and theming, they actively fix bugs in the game. (make sure you update your game with the updater that installed with the game) ... The patches and expansion packs brought many improvements to all of the RCT games, not only with scenery and rides, but better gameplay also.
...i always hope for more really bad-ass versions of RCT in the future!

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RCT - The Original
+ Corkscrew Follies/Loopy Landscapes

+ Time Twister/Wacky Worlds

+ Soaked!/Wild


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