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Rollercoaster Tycoon 2

Test your Tycoon skills with 25 amazing Six FlagsŪ coasters and five Six Flags parks including Six Flags Magic Mountain, and Six Flags Great Adventure

Create incredible roller coasters with the amazing Roller Coaster Designer

Thrill your guests with over 200 rides and attractions

Customize your parks with the ultimate collection of themes, including locations from all seven continents and time periods that span the ages

More than 45 scenarios and three skill levels to challenge both beginners and experts


This game was so exciting for me when it came out!!

- it had so many changes that rctycoon-ers were wishing for... new coasters, more scenery, stacking scenery/stalls, tunnels! I loved creating scenarios in RCT2, what a fun feature of the game!

I have about 25 RCT2 scenerios available for download,
and 7 themed ride packs

The best part though, is the online community that created tons of scenery and rides for RCT2 - you'll find links below to many great websites with plenty more downloads.

Get Wacky Worlds Now!Buy the Rollercoaster Tycoon 2:
Wacky Worlds Expansion Pack here

Rollercoaster Tycoon 2: Strategy Guide
also covers Wacky Worlds...

More coaster & tycoon games @ amazon.com - click here!

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Rollercoaster Tycoon 2: Time Twister Expansion Pack by Atari

~Yes, its just more themed vehicles and scenery, but its cool vehicles and scenery... and great themed paths and stuff too :-)

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The following RCT2 scenarios were created or expanded by me. Some are altered from other scenarios, all contain custom rides and/or theming that was lovingly downloaded from many of the different RCT sites listed below.

If you don't already know, when you download a park with custom scenery, when you play that park the scenery is automatically installed to your rct folders, and available to use in your other parks.


click NAME to download
requires WW /TT
Antelope Valley Ghost Town
an expansion from the ghost town rct scenario
Jupiter Junkyard
You have inherited a junkyard full of space crap, with a fantasy water & fireworks show and aerial tramway
Contumacious Cove
Beachfront creation
Jumpin' Jungle

My first scenario with a ride included! :-)
an easy2win jungle scenario with tons of custom add-ons, thanks buggy!

Big Pier TimeShare Resort
my expansion of a rct 1 scenario by dakinle
Quick Park I
one year to finish this small map
Quick Park II
one year to finish this simple map
a bizarre lunar landscape with old & new sci fi scenery
Heavenly Valley Resort
snowy themed park with nice seating areas

If RCT2 crashes when you load a park, don't be alarmed, its just the custom scenery.
Just restart rct and try again, it should be fine the 2nd time around....
I'm not a fan of time constraints, so most of these parks don't have them.
All files are zipped.


Are my scenarios too easy? ...too hard? ...just right? let me know!


... There are NOW 12 additional RCT2 scenarios available on my "Rct2 Rewards" page...

Click Here to Donate

including several scenarios that have never released to the public!
Just send a donation of any amount with PayPal Donations,
and when you are done, you will be given the URL for the additional scenarios!
Donate & Download them immediately!

or simply Write to me...
send comments about my scenarios, or track packs,
or advice/questions about RCT3,
and upon request, I'll send you the link for 12 more fun rct2 parks !


Pre-Themed Ride Tracks by NEM for RCT2
2 small Go-Kart tracks -
Mechanical & Abstract
6 decorated Roto-Drops -
Garden, Check, Mechanical, Candy, Pagoda, Simple
3 Launched Freefalls -
Abstract, Pagoda & Pyramid
Future Theme Track Pack (TT) -
Hover Cars, Twister Coaster, TRG Shuttle & Roto-Drop
5 Junior Roller Coasters -
Roman, Pagoda, Red-regular, Snowy & Giant Garden/Glass
juniorcoaster5trackpack.zip (10k)
Shogun Themed Ride Pack (WW)-
Wooden Coaster, Roto Drop, Splash Boats, Kiddy Coaster, Junior Coaster, LIM coaster, & Car Ride
Roaring 20's Track Pack (TT)
Gangster Car Coaster, Looping Coaster, Vintage Car Ride, Splash Boats, Roto-Drop, & More!


...folks all over the internet made some fantastic scenery... and working rides & stalls too, for RCT2...
I once dreamt about custom-themed restrooms since 1999, and my dreams finally came true!

I owe MUCH gratitude to all of these people who have worked so hard to create objects that
made RCT2 a fantastic game with hours and hours of extended play.
Please visit their sites, and their sponsors! Links re-verified 5-23-09
  • OCsE RCT - RCT 1&2 Theme Parks & Amusements by OCsE
  • RCT2 Custom Rides & Objects by "The Amazing EARL" - Truly amazing!! Earl built the rides we all WISHED for... He is retired now, but his rides live on at rctspace.com - God bless you Earl!
  • Buggy's RCT2 Download Page - real working rides & real working stall layovers!
  • ja227's RCT Downloads - fantastic custom paths, 8 car trainer, & much more
  • RCT2 Sebar Rides Site - wonderful custom RCT2 rides
  • Rohn Starr.com - really cool themed restrooms!
  • Dr J. - Home of the RCT2 Object Editor, RCT Save Game Modifier, RCT explorer and other RCT utilities! ...that amazing Object Editor that started it all...

  • RCT2madman - circus theming, realistic restaurant stalls and much more
  • The RCT Depot - RIP gone gone gone
  • BLĀde's Scenario gaia V2 - Scenarios, landscapes and great scenery like the FLASH FLOOR
  • Lightkeeper's RCT Depot - only one park left on this otherwise defunct site
  • RCT 2 Gaming - cool downloads, strategy, etc
  • The Official Site -- "Sorry, 'www.rollercoastertycoon2.com' does not exist or is not available."
  • Shellbe76's RCT Page - Animals, Rocks and Foliage scenery
  • 8 Cars per Trainer - gotta love the "fast staff" feature!
  • RCT Town - features contests, trivia, & scenarios
  • rct2.com - a full-service site, everything you need for rct2, the forums are popular and the people who post are nice, helpful, and creative
  • Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 - God-Games.com - domain is for sale
  • Steve's RCT Scenery - no longer updated, but downloads still available for Super Heros, Glass Theme Pack, and more very necessary scenery!
  • TMK's RCT 2 Junk - wooden supports, restrooms, and rides

Thanks to everyone in the RCT community for keeping the downloads alive !!



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