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Rollercoaster Tycoon 3

I started playing RCT3 Dec. 6th 2004...

haha... but before before I could play, I "had to" buy a new computer. :) oops. My family said my new machine was just an expensive video game system - hehe - its really much more.

I love, love, love my new computer, (1gb RAM/nvidia geforce 5700/AMD64) but adjusting to the new RCT game, was difficult. I am having fun with it, I must say... I have played & finished all of the official RCT3 scenarios, and the Soaked and Wild scenarios... many of them twice!

The "Soaked" water park expansion pack is great! I'm glad they are actively fixing bugs in the game. (make sure you update your game with the updater that installed with the game - it really helps) ... The Wild expansion pack brings fun animal challenges, 18 more flat rides, and more gameplay improvements.

PROS: Riding the coasters - really fun stuff
--- I also really love the 'auto complete' feature.
--- I havent seen a broken bench since I installed rct3, and I still never hire security guards
--- I love seeing my parks at night-time
--- I love all the new flat rides & unique new rollercoasters, do they really exist in real life? I'm not sure
--- Janitors don't mow the lawns anymore - wahoo!!

CONS: Lately, RCT3 has been crashing way too much. Sometimes I only get to play 2 hours, or 10-20 minutes before the crash. Very frustrating. Also - you can't place 1/4 tile scenery up against track curves - annoying. We don't have themed restrooms anymore (why not?) ...

I used to hate that my peeps would complain when I mixed theming. I think they removed this complaint in the "Soaked" expansion. I could understand if I got "mixed-up" or "odd" or "eclectic" comment from guests, but messy? ummm no. snake lamps are cool in a spooky-theme park ...sheesh.

The soaked & wild expansion packs fixed some problems from the original release of RCT3 - I highly recommend them


save as - for a nice desktop size screenshot


If you haven't yet... GET RCT3 !!
What are you waiting for? (well maybe a new computer...)
RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 features new gameplay elements that fans have been asking for - including diversity of guests, added group behavior and improved guest AI - and many other new features which build upon the fun and addictive nature of the original game. View your park from any angle, get up close to guests and customize every detail of your booming, thrill-a-minute theme park.

* Experience incredible new 3D graphics
* Ride the Rides with the Coaster Cam
* Build rides easier with the enhanced user interface
* Light up the night with the new park lighting system
* See breathtaking park vistas including realistic sunsets, moonlight, weather patterns and more...
* Create your own family members and friends and add them to your park
* Respond to the individual likes and dislikes of kids, teens and adults
* More Rides and Attractions!
* Create pyrotechnic wonders with the new Fireworks MixMaster
* Build your dream park with unlimited funds in "Sandbox" mode
* Add music to rides and fireworks shows from your own mp3 library
* Includes many "New-to-RollerCoaster Tycoon" rides and attractions

Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 : Prima's Official Strategy Guide (Paperback)

... New rides, shows, waterfalls, pool areas, animal viewing galleries, fun stalls, TUNNELS & more!


RCT3 Scenarios to Download

right click to "save-as"
place the unzipped .dat file in your directory(folder) located at
"MyDocuments/RCT3/Start New Scenarios"

New - February 2007 - Two new scenarios.
Both require soaked and wild expansion packs. ... Sorry there are no screenshots, for some reason I couldn't get them to save... hmm... anyway, After taking a few months off from playing RCT, I got back into it, played a few downloaded scenarios from other websites, a few good, but mostly they are complete parks with insane goals. These parks have plenty of room to build, and I had fun playing them. I hope you do too :)

JungleWorld - 5 separate parks to finish 3035kb
BlackHeart Park - dark and spooky themed 948kb

Mirage 1,146 kb
Does not require Soaked or Wild expansions



Four Corners
1,311 kb
Does not require Soaked or Wild expansions


Wasteland 695k
Does not require Soaked or Wild expansions



Click Here to Download Wasteland, Four Corners, and Mirage IN ONE .ZIP FILE 397k

...My first several home-made rct3 scenarios were unplayable.
I get weird issues like paths & rides that won't match up, trams that stop running with no breakdown or warning, or 1/2 my peeps that won't cross through the park gate...
It took me a while to build good scenarios, but I finally have a few that work :)

I have completed, and "won" all of these parks... in slightly earlier versions... they needed small adjustments before I could post them.
Play them - and let me know what you think!!!

Also, I need advice about fireworks ... I haven't taught myself how to use the mixmaster, and I really should... I've even tried downloading other peoples firework shows, only to have them crash my machine... let me know if you have any tricks :-)


Soaked/Wild Scenarios

Coaster Kingdom 1853kb dat file

Wild Country 1265kb dat file


Black Beauties
A Shuttle Track Pack


25 Powered Launch and Reverse Incline Tracks for RCT3 - no complete circuits here - some mirrors for racing - expansions may be required for some tracks.

- ZIPPED 218kb


Black & Blue - A WILD Track Pack
Contains customized black and blue versions of every new coaster that came with the "WILD" expansion pack - including Coasterball, Dizzy Dropper, Drifting Coaster, Extended Coaster, Robotic Coaster, Rotating Tower Coaster, Spinning Steel, Splitting Coaster, and Towering Coaster - SIXTEEN TRACKS TOTAL
Many are black & blue mirrors of each other, most of them are set up to have adjacent stations. In the case of the rotating tower, I wasn't able (grrr /me bangs head) to build my own, so I increased the capacity and recolored a pre-built one.

- ZIPPED 221kb

right click to "save-as"
place the unzipped track files in your directory(folder) generally located at


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"Every RCT3 Cheat known to mankind"
- Updated for Wild!
from the atari forums
I don't see some of the classic names, like where is Melanie Warn,
so I'm not convinced that this is a complete list, but it's a very good start -- Nancy


Cheat Codes are all case insensitive.
... you can often rename several peeps with the same name by varying the case like melanie warn and Melanie warn and melAnie warn

Beware; there is no confirmation on cheat activation - once you rename someone, its done.


Rabbit - Animals Constantly Breed - Should make your animals reproduce very quickly, like rabbits... unlike developers... !

Alvin Swazonegger - Allow Large Billboard Movies

Jurassic Dart - No idea

Soaked! and higher:
M Brookes - Enables you can place wall pieces and other scenery items on the edge of path tiles.

Alistair Lindsay - alters the speed at which some sound effects are played at pause, fast and fastest.

Rick Griffiths - changes the inside of a tunnel from rubble to sharks on both sides, the ceiling and the floor.

Mornington Crescent - This allows building shops etc underground (use SHIFT to lower an object's position until it is say, level with an underground path).

David Walsh - This allows removal of the user interface (ie all the icons, menus etc) using CTRL-U once the cheat is active. This is great for taking screen shots. Press CTRL-U again to get the user interface back.

v2 Final Patch OR Higher:

Isambard Kingdom Brunel - Trains Staff (Costs you about $1000 plus the total cost needed to fully train all of your Staff Members)

v1a Final Patch OR Higher:

Isambard Kingdom Brunel - Trains Staff (Costs you about $1000 plus the total cost needed to fully train all of your Staff Members)

FPS - Displays an Frames Per Second counter.

v1a Beta Patch OR Higher:

Ghost Town - Will stop the flow of peeps coming into your park. This seems irreversible and the only way to disable it is to shut down the game fully.

Andrew Thomas - decreases track friction, which can make coasters go faster along their tracks

David Braben - Disable the Lift Chain Speed & Launch Speed limits. Normally, you are not permitted over a set speed limit. Usage: Select a coaster. Select "Operating Mode". You must have "Powered Launch" selected to alter the Launch Speed.

Andrew Gillett - Unknown effect (On the first Career mission, this code will double the value rating of your park - which will complete your first mission objective. On other tested missions, it seems to possibly cause a slight increase in park value too)

v1.0 Retail or Higher:

John D Rockefeller - Increase your money by $10,000

Chris Sawyer - Cheer (Lp) - All guests applaud you & Jump into the air

Mouse - They follow the mouse cursor. They start off looking at the ground because the cursor is at the bottom of the screen. Wave it around a bit and the peeps watch! (credit:mrbdamien)

Guido Fawkes - Enables the "Advanced firework editor". Usage: Scenery -> Firework Mixmaster -> Fireworks Displays -> Add firework display -> Advanced firework editor.

Atari - Cheer (Fade) - All guests applaud you

James Hunt - You are given a buggy vehicle to ride in - exit coastercam and delete as scenery when done

D Lean - Open the "Flying Camera" routes editor - You can also use CTRL-SHIFT-0 (the number zero) For more info click here .

A Hitchcock - Hitchcock - not sure what this does (could be related to the birds like Alfred's movie)

PhotoStory - unknown code

ATITech - Every Person (both guests & staff) move super fast, though the game time passes at normal speed (rides & coasters do not speed up) (Expires after 20 seconds)

Make Me Sick - All guests become Sick and vomit immediately (Repeat it to make the park insanely dirty - watch them handymen run)

Jonny Watts - PeepCam (see the world through the eyes of the guest who you just renamed)

Atomic - Causes "nuke" shockwaves on coaster crashes.

Shifty - Makes the peeps dance

John Wardley - No Coaster Height Limit (ride & coaster tracks can be built without height limitations)

Frontier Unbreakable (Buildings/Rides/Coasters do not break down any longer)

Jon Roach - Ride All Rides (make all guests ride every parkride before leaving the park) OR, it may just make guests ignore their nausea rating

Sam Denney - Ride All Coasters (make all guests ride every park coaster before leaving the park) OR, it may just make guests ignore their nausea rating

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verified 9-1-2008
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    he's got 183 tracks to download for RCT3! wow!
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lovely sky in this scene from rollercoaster tycoon three


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