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In the spring of 1998, we saw an advertisment in the LA Weekly, for extras to appear (free) in BASEketball crowd scenes.

Being huge fans of Cannibal the Musical, South Park, and having seen Matt and Trey lookin' soooo cute twice on Jay Leno, 
of course we had to be there!!

read on...

March 21st, friends and I were extras today, on the set of "BASEketball", an upcoming David Zucker movie, which stars Trey Parker and Matt Stone. The scenes were shot in the "grand olympic auditorium" in downtown L.A. It must have been built for the 1920's olympic games! It was not nearly as big as I thought it would be.

We did not get paid, but it was worth it..... to (sort-of) meet matt & trey. We saw matt first. we were standing in line to get in, and we could see thru a fence to the catering truck. my friends and we sang the shpadionkle song, and it got matt's attention. he was standing with Dian Bachar (pronouced "dee-in") who was also in cannibal:the musical. he smiled, we waved and said thanks (for all the laughs) we were about 10 people away, so we couldn't really talk to them. Even though we were so close it would have been more effective to use some kind of conference calling service. I was too scared to say anything anyway!

We saw a Bill Clinton impersonator, and we teased him about having sex with everybody.
There's a photo of him in the gallery...

We all went inside and the 'continental' breakfast (muffin and a juice box)
was shoved at us like we were walking in a marathon....

We got there relatively early, so I figured we'd get decent seats. our timing was off, we got stuck way in the back of the front section, behind a dugout. The stage looked like a small baseball diamond, with an attached garage, complete with basketball hoop. It was not attached to a house, though, it was a "real" sports venue, with a big scoreboard, and bleachers, and advertisements.
It was like a real baseball field, except with a garage door behind the hoop.



The home team, and the stars team, is the Milwaukee Beer's. yes, beer, as in Coors, a sponsor. it's a 3 man team, and our team consists of Coop Cooper (Trey), Remer (Matt), and Dian plays a character whose nickname is "Little Bitch." Their mascot is a keg of beer, the cheerleaders are dressed in lingerie,

and the fans wear mugs of beer on their heads!

(we got to bring one home!)


We sat down, and even with binoculars, there was not much to see yet because I was sitting behind a guy with a huge cat-in-the-hat hat, and all the hinting in the world could not remove it. I finally stood up, since were so far back, it seemed practical at a sporting event, to be standing...

We shot a couple of crowd scenes, like the "glug, glug, glug, motion that we used in place of the tomahawk chop, and a wave, of course...

I really was not pleased with the seating arrangement, so as soon as the emcee suggested that we'd be changing seats, I bolted to the next section, and told my friends to catch up.

We got super seats this time, right behind home plate. We did several scenes there. The band "Reel Big Fish" played a song, but we could not see them from where we were sitting.



They did this big sweeping shot of the band playing, the crowd cheering, the cheerleaders dancing, the game going on, and trey in the dugout looking sort of pensive.

Also, when we were in the good seats, they shot a couple of "trey at home plate" shots, where the camera was facing directly toward us. I can't wait to see the film! I can't imagine that we would not make it into these shots...
(but we didn't)


When we first got to the home plate seats, Trey came strolling out onto the field. I called out "hey trey" and he looked up at us, and I just waved like an idiot. I was way too star-struck. people started asking him questions like "who's cartman's dad?" ( the infamous cliffhanger had not yet aired) and "when is orgazmo coming out?"

a. first he asked if we really wanted to spoil the ending... we said yes,
then he said chef, "just kidding", then he said mr.garrison, then just kidding,
then he said they did not really know themselves, yet.
(i doubt that)
b. he did not talk about orgazmo at all, probably because he was on the set of a universal film.

trey did some q&a with the crowd. the emcee asked him to do a voice, and at first he did butthead "huh huh huh cool beavis" ... we all laughed...
then he did mr. garrison, and cartman "no kitty thats my pot pie"
he is so cute...!



Baseketball: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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Later in the day, trey came up again, and did the voices of the school counselor, and mr. hanky.

free lunch was sorta lame ..... the food was tolerable, but they did not give us a time to eat it, they did not announce lunch at all, they just expected us to eat in these squashed up seats. whatever.
The fake ballpark vendors, sometimes passed out real food, like popcorn, water to drink, and hot dogs that were even warm!

One had to be careful, though, because the cups (pepsi, coors, whatever) that they passed out did not always have digestable material!
one friend got an open soda can in her "water"!!!

Trey and Matt spent alot of time signing autographs for fans. We did not get one, but I thought it was very sweet of them. My friend waited for a sig, but Trey had to leave. She got within a couple of feet of him. She said that when someone else called out about Cartman's dad, Trey said that "Matt" was the father!!!


We all got free t-shirts as we left!
They had a bunch of prizes and gifts thrown out to the crowd,

(stuff as cool as sweat-shirts and cd's,
or as cheeezy as breath mints!)
...we didn't catch anything,
...except BASEketball fever!



People were throwing notes to Matt and Trey out onto the playing field.
On one of them, while Trey was laying on his stomach on home plate, (how cute was that anyway?) he drew a pretty big picture of Cartman, with a speech bubble, (I could not read the caption) and had one of the crew throw it back up. How incredibly sweet!!


We were really impressed at how thoughtful Matt and Trey were to the fans.
We acted like complete idiots, and they did not seem to mind at all!

We got our nerve up, and threw him a note also. On ours, we thanked Matt and Trey for their work in Cannibal! The Musical, and invited them to dinner, and included my neighbors phone number!

Wouldn't it be cool if they called?
ha ha





Yes, we saw BASEketball on opening day... and again the next day.. and again the next week!!! was TOO funny! ... we own it now...
and still no, I have never found myself in the movie.
(We were behind the guy in the cat-in-the-hat hat) ... I have not tried very hard, I have seen a couple of spots were I might be, in the crowd scenes, but I doubt it!!! I had such a great time, it does not even matter anyway!!! I love to tell people that I was the STAR of that film, haha, I don't understand why they don't believe me, haha ;)

There are some BASEketball fan sites cropping up (
I still get tons of mail from people regarding this hilarious film.

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