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January 28, 2005 - I still LOVE this movie. It's my favorite of all Matt & Trey's films... I took this page down several years ago, and decided today to put it back online. Since I wrote this, SP:BLU was nominated for an Academy Award for its soundtrack (lost to Tarzan, what*ever)... had a successful DVD release... and now-a-days is being broadcast UNCUT, as it should be, late nights on comedy central. So, if you have not seen this film yet, you really have no excuse. It only takes one viewing to get hooked.

I had a friend tell me the other day that it took him a few viewings to appreciate the music. Not me. I loved the music from the start. If I am up late and catch a portion on comedy central, I get songs stuck in my head for days later... this week it's been "you can do it, it's all up to you, mmmkay" SP:BLU spoiled me for other Trey Parker soundtracks.. The SPBLU soundtrack definately deserved it's oscar nod, and having seen (heard the soundtrack for) Team America, I appreciated SP:BLU all the more.
There is an ongoing rumour that Metallica performed the "kenny hell" song in the film, but as far as I know, its credited to DVDA... Trey has amazing voice capabilities, if he wants to sound like Metallica, he can.

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6-30-99 ... Wow- even though I have seen tons of previews and read a LOT about this film, I still loved it! I still laughed hard throughout the movie, and I was still shocked and surprised by much of the jokes. We are going to see it again... We bought the soundtrack BEFORE we saw the film... so I sang along with many of the songs, and I was surprised that the DVDA "hell" song was not included on the soundtrack, fuck that shit..whatever! I don't recommend buying the soundtrack first, it causes weird expectations of the film... but oh well.

Art imitated life imitated art when we were standing outside the theatre and a couple of teenage boys asked us if we could get them tickets... The boys have the same problem trying to get into Terrance and Phillip "Asses of Fire" ... my husband felt bad for not buying tickets for them....But hey, R-rated movies is one of the only advantages of getting older.

After the boys go to see Terrance and Phillip "Asses of Fire" and they start cussing like crazy at school and in front of their moms.
They get counseled by Mr. Mackey and do that funny "Mm-Kay" song.

Stan pines for Wendy the whole time, even though she's hanging with another guy... its really cute.

There is lots of really great music, including "what would Brian Boitano do?" Which the boys sing during the movie, then the DVDA version plays during the credits.
And yes, you should sit through the credits...

Yes, Kenny is seen and heard.

No, Stan and Wendy do not kiss - or do they? I need to see the film again, because I am getting letters from people saying they did, indeed, kiss...

No, the boys do not steal Mr. Hat and go to military school.

Since I've been playing the fuck out of the soundtrack, I had an elaborate production scene imagined for Saddam's "I can change" number, and I was a little disappointed that it wasn't that cool. It didn't suck, it's just that my expectations were too high.
Big Gay Al's number was really funny- you'll have to see for yourself!!!






A young lady named Adrienne Dye was lucky enough to get to go to the premiere of SP:BL&U, and she was nice enough to write her experience for my page. Thanks Adrienne!

~ ~ ~ Summary of the South Park World Premiere~ ~ ~

One night,while brushing my teeth I heard my name being called from downstairs. I went downstairs, a little annoyed at having to go downstairs during teeth-brushing. I wasn't annoyed for very long.

In my hand sat what was gold to me,a ticket to see the South Park World Premiere, with pictures of Stan, Kenny, Cartman, and Kyle in tuxes. I was astonished. Who could have sent me tickets to the South Park Premiere? It then came to me that my father was working with Paramount and I had met the owner and her husband, Sherry Lansing and Billy Friedkin. Two famous people sent ME tickets to the South Park Premiere? I fell down. It turns out that I was right, those two had sent me the tickets. I love them. Just pure out love them.

The night came, June 23. At 4: 30 p.m I started to get ready, even though the premiere started at 7:30 p.m. I wore a black-netting-over-red dress, spaghetti straps. After freaking about makeup, I fill my purse with all of the makeup, put on my shoes, and rush downstairs. I call my dad to tell him he is late and he says he can't make it home on time, so Billy Friedkin is going to send a limo for me. Now I REALLY love this guy!

I got in the limo and enjoyed the twenty minute ride to Paramount studios where my father would meet me and take me to the Mann Chinese Theatre where the premiere was being held. Then, as we pulled into Paramount Studios I looked down and saw only my purse.Where were the tickets? I had left the tickets at home! The packet I left at home had had tickets to the premiere, the party afterwards, and parking passes for both! Tears welled up in my eyes. It took every ounce of strength I had not to cry. I got out and ran to my dad, explaining the whole story, telling him how nervous I had been and how I had hurried out without the packet he specifically told me to remember. He told me not to worry about it, and that he would get us in. I believed him. Surprisingly, we walked up, told them our story at roll call, and got new everything! New tickets and parking passes!

We walked in, bought a medium popcorn, (to share) a small Diet Coke for me, and a medium Sprite for my father. I almost immediately dropped my Diet Coke and had to get a new one.
We walked into the theatre itself, it was beautiful. A huge screen, red carpeting, and oriental inspired lights. We sat down in our spots in the middle of the theatre, read our programs and stargazed. I couldn't wait for it to start! It finally started, (with much applause), and all I did through the whole movie was laugh my butt off!
Everyone I heard loved it and I loved it so much,that it's my favorite movie now! I walked out of the theatre with a great big grin on my face. On the way out, a man moved to the side to reveal a seat with a man about to get up, that man was Matt Stone! He had great sunglasses and a wonderful outfit on.

At the party, after getting some of Wendy's Wonderful Cookies, (complete with pictures of Stan on them ( = ), and some ice cream I sat down to eat. All of a sudden someone brushes by my shoulder I turn around to see a very tall man in a blue Chinese shirt walking by, Trey Parker! I didn't have enough guts to ask him for an autograph and I truly regret it. I would crawl across shards of glass to get it now. I hate being shy ) =.

I stayed there till they kicked us out, (not literally,they just told everyone to go home). I will never, ever forget the night I got near two geniuses, Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Go see this movie! It is excellent! 100 stars! I love it and all of you who are not offended by South Park will love it!
Love, Adrienne Dye

Thanks again, Adrienne!



This page has reviews and previews:
Rotten Tomatoes: South Park

I sat in on a Yahoo chat with Trey Parker - it was pretty sweet!
... the transcript, is here


SP:BLU @ amazon

South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut DVD

South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut - Music From And Inspired By The Motion Picture
South Park Kenny Mug



The Soundtrack

"Music from and Inspired by South Park Bigger Longer & Uncut"

It's really funny! I can honestly say its my favorite soundtrack from any film ever. I love all the songs... My favorites are "Mountain Town" and "I Can Change"
...the soundtrack includes:

1. Mountain Town - Trey Parker/Matt Stone/Marc Shaiman/Mary Kay Bergman
02. Uncle Fucka - Trey Parker/Matt Stone/Marc Shaiman/Mary Kay Bergman
" You don't eat or sleep or mow the lawn, just fuck your uncle all day long"
03. It's Easy, Mmmkay - Trey Parker/Matt Stone/Marc Shaiman/Mary Kay Bergman
"step one, instead of ass say buns, "
04. Blame Canada - Trey Parker/Matt Stone/Marc Shaiman/Mary Kay Bergman
05. Kyle's Mom's A Bitch - Trey Parker/Matt Stone/Marc Shaiman/Mary Kay Bergman
06. What Would Brian Boitano Do? - Trey Parker/Matt Stone/Marc Shaiman/Mary Kay Bergman
07. Up There - Trey Parker/Matt Stone/Marc Shaiman/Mary Kay Bergman little mermaid rip-off sung by Satan himself
08. La Resistance (Medley) - Trey Parker/Matt Stone/Marc Shaiman/Mary Kay Bergman
09. Eye's Of A Child - Trey Parker/Matt Stone/Marc Shaiman/Mary Kay Bergman
10. I Can Change - Trey Parker/Matt Stone/Marc Shaiman/Mary Kay Bergman ** LOVE THIS SONG!! **
11. I'm Super - Trey Parker/Matt Stone/Marc Shaiman/Mary Kay Bergman
12. Mountain Town (Reprise) - Trey Parker/Matt Stone/Marc Shaiman/Mary Kay Bergman

other songs on the soundtrack...
13. Good Love - Isaac Hayes
14. Shut Yo Face (Uncle Fucka) - Trick Daddy
15. Riches To Rags (Mmmkay) - Nappy Roots
16. Kyle's Mom's A Big Fat Bitch - Joe C.
17. What Would Brian Boitano Do? Pt. II - D.V.D.A
18. I Swear It (I Can Change) - Violent Femmes
19. Super - RuPaul
20. O Canada - Geddy Lee/Alex Lifeson


This is a post I found at

Subject: Re: South Park: the Movie review(long version) Date: 1999/06/25 Author: ELurio
South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut
Directed By Trey Parker
This film was done for two reasons: To make money and exact revenge. Apparently, the fact that the MPAA rated Director Trey Parker's "Orgazmo" NC-17, and that caused it to fail [the fact that it sucked had something to do with it too] really got Parker and co-conspirator Matt Stone pissed off and they decided to pay them back by making an obscenity-laced "protest film."

The film begins with Stan Marsh(Trey Parker) singing his way through the streets of South Park while everyone else sings along. After getting friends Eric Cartman(Trey Parker), Kyle Brovlofski(Matt Stone) and Kenny McCormick(Mike Judge) together, our friends manage to sneak into the new Terrence and Phillip movie, which as we all know is rated R for rude language. Something about rude about unclefking.

The kids tell their friends and soon the entire school is cussing up a storm. Mr. Garrison(Trey Parker) is shocked, SHOCKED by this behavior, and sends the kids to the principal, Dr. Gouache(George Clooney) who tells their parents and soon the kids are singing their way through group therapy. Now cured they go back to the Terrance and Phillip movie to recharge. The bastards Kill KENNY!!!! But they always do that.

This time however, Kenny goes to hell, and the quality of animation goes up tremendously. Blur studios of Venice, California do an excellent job of creating Hell, where Kenny encounters Satan having an affair with Saddam Hussein. Kyle's mother(Mary Kay Bergman), Mrs. Cartman(Mary Kay Bergman) and Mrs. McCormak(Mary Kay Bergman) decide to save America from Canadians like Terrance and Philip by starting the "Down with Canada" committee and proceed to take over the government.

The musical numbers get better and better as the film goes along [the tribute to Les Mis is terriffic] the jokes get grosser and grosser. Parker and Stone make a strong antiabortion statement with an offhand remark, and the Clitoris tells Kyle how to get Wendy Testaburger(Mary Kay Bergman), who as all fans know, is the love of his life. Weird stuff indeed. This is one of the funnier movies of the year, and the guy sitting next to me busted a gut laughing. This is worth sneaking into, especially as the basic message of the film is a good one. Cussing is better than killing, after all.



And this is from the SP site:

So, what is the South Park Movie about?

We asked the movie's creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, to tell us what "South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut" is about

MATT STONE You could say "South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut" is about the struggle for basic, inalienable freedoms in the face of oppression, but you'd sound like a jerk.

TREY PARKER If you want to know what the movie is about, just read "Moby Dick," and every time you come across the word "whale," replace it with "Canadian."

PARKER "South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut" is about what all great hero stories are about: returning home after twenty years of perilous struggle to find your wife shacked up with some other guy.

STONE It's like "Spartacus," only with more farting.

PARKER Imagine a buddy picture with John Forsythe and Jaquelyn Smith. Now you're warm.

STONE It's entirely in German.

PARKER It is the first full-length, animated movie set in 19th-century Nova Scotia.

STONE It is based on a true story.


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And another post from

Reviewed by Harvey Karten, Ph.D. Paramount Pictures/Warner Bros
Director: Trey Parker
Writer: Trey Parker & Matt Stone and Pam Brady
Cast: Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Mary Kay Bergman,
Isaac Hayes, George Clooney, Minnie Driver, others
Maybe the merchandising gimmick that targets films for particular audiences should be abandoned, or at least modified. Market research people think that they can determine what movies will appeal to distinct age, ethnic and geographical groups. Disney cartoons, for example, are commonly intended for the small fry: parents are just nannies who escort their kids to the animations to make them happy and keep 'em quiet for a while. Yet many adults are fascinated by the simplest of these productions. While a case could be made that 5-year-olds would not appreciate much in a Merchant-Ivory creation, the pros would probably say that "South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut" would entertain people who are politically liberal, culturally broadminded, under 35 years of age, distrustful of authority, wary of Broadway musicals, with little faith in doctors, government, the military, computer software, and the benefits of life in rural towns. They would probably have cable and would have logged in quite a bit of time on the "South Park" series.

I don't have cable, had never seen a single minute of "South Park," am over 35, can live with authority, have much faith in organized medicine, am addicted to computers, find rural towns clean and quaint, appreciate Broadway musicals, am not attracted to cartoons, and have faith that the military will continue to fight fascism as it has done so well this year. How would I measure up? I'd probably get a rating of about 30% from the "South Park" suits who'd write me off as a potential viewer. What's more I read on the Net from a critic I respect that in his Atlanta community, audience members over the age of 45 began leaving the advance screening in droves halfway into the comparatively brief production. What a difference an hour or so makes in one's attitude toward something new. Perhaps my never having seen an episode of the TV series was a good thing. The movie came across to me as a fresh display of good, dirty fun, so that while a veteran watcher (like another Net critic I read) concludes his review, "no more 'South Park,' please," my feeling is quite the opposite. I look forward to the sequel.

The film opens on a pristine town, the sort of place that could well be on the Canadian border. The mothers dote on their kids, the snow is pure white, and the people are uniformly saintly. Just a minute passes, though, when director Trey Parker introduces the cynicism that informs the entire script, which has been written by Parker together with Matt Stone and Pam Brady. The homeless are ignored in this authentic redneck village whose eight-year-old kids do their darndest to get into an R-rated movie, bribing a homeless man with money for a bottle of vodka if he would get them the six tickets they need. The movie, "Asses of Fire," stars the Canadian comedy team Terrance and Philip, whose incessant vulgarity is picked up by the kids (just as the MPAA knew it would be). As the youngsters curse their way through the school day, leading the authorities to call in their parents and set up counseling sessions, one mother leads women throughout the area in a demonstration against Canadian film-makers, culminating in a declared war between the U.S. and Canada.

"South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut" is rumored to have actually cut two or three minutes to bring it within MPAA guidelines for a R rating--thereby avoiding the dreaded NC-17 assessment. Trey Parker successfully lampoons the movie rating board, doctors, Broadway musicals, parents, kids, governments, the military, feminism, the school system, the political correctness movement, Microsoft, idyllic little towns, and liberal hypocrisy. To do this in one of the briefest films of the year requires a fast pace: "South Park" makes its point in the crispest manner possible, relentlessly alternating spirited songs with a flurry of ribald dialogue. Though one critic has said that "basing an entire film on vulgarity suggests laziness," the sheer variety of skits belies this judgment. Fifteen songs, including the riotous "Blame Canada" and "Mountain Town," inhabit this witty parody. While the subjects are sitting ducks for this sort of burlesque (in one case a newscaster suggests that Canada has put out peace feelers but here in the U.S. "as usual we're not listening"), the obscene vituperations come from the mouths of babes, making "South Park" a creative take on the genre. A considerable portion of the film--specifically the scenes involving Satan and his relationship with Saddam Hussein--do not work. Saddam is so weakly lampooned that the Iraqi dictator could almost clear the scenes for his country's TV. But generally, the dialogue, songs and colorful animation, tossed at us in an energetic manner and rapid pace that dare us to blink, make "South Park" an entertaining little treat whose meanspiritedness might well bring smiles, guffaws-- even an occasional "oooo"--to your face.
Rated R. Running Time: 82 minutes.
(C) 1999 Harvey Karten


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