Team America World Police

I saw the sneak preview of....
now who wants to touch me???

Team America Rocks.
I knew going in that I would love this movie, I'm sorta biased when it comes to Matt & Trey. We bought our tickets online last week, and arrived early last night to get good seats. The sneak preview was not sold out when we arrived, it was only 3/4 sold one hour before showtime. I didn't see any empty seats by the time the film started. YAY I cheered as it finally began. It was hysterical and politically irreverent. I love that!

Here is my scorecard for the film, after my initial viewing....

Comedy A+ oh my goodness - my sides hurt from laughing!!!! Death, gore, and violence is absolutely hysterical when its done with puppets.
Sex A I cannot image what they cut out to get the R rating... ok I guess I can imagine, nevermind.


A plenty of blood and gore to keep my horror fan husband happy
Music B+ I'm getting the soundtrack from amazon.. Some songs were really great, some songs seemed rushed, almost incomplete in spots, ..... it's a tough act to follow Oscar-nominated SP:BLU. My husband was still singing "I'm Ronery" today. I loved the montage song. Pure Trey.
Special Effects A the combined use of marionettes with only a small amount of cgi was impressive - We loved seeing sculptors, puppeteers and mold-makers in the credits for a change.
American Cheese A+ If we can't make fun of ourselves...then everyone else will. Over the top patriotism is always funny to me.
Celebrity Bashing A+ I was surprised at the sheer number of celebs lampooned (and worse) in this film.
OVERALL A get out there and see this film!!!
and take some friends!


Team America

Team America on DVD -
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Team America Poster

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A Mother and Child in Paris
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Gary and Chris
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Go Team America
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Kim Jong Il
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Kim Jong Il
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Joe, Sarah and Chris


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...sorry folks...seems that paramount isnt hosting these for us anymore. when they sent me the electronic press kit, they didnt mention an expiration date. I'll post new links when i find them, and i'm mad at myself for not saving copies.... duh. in the meantime, ifilms has a bunch of cool videos, interviews and trailers.

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