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Batteries for Every Reason

For the Artist

Shop Art & Crafts


Oil on Canvas.


Ink & Paint.


If your guy has an artistic hobby....
stock up his supply room! --- what a wonderful idea!

Every guy wants more tools, accessories, and supplies for his favorite handicraft.

There are many different types of arts & hobbies, find out what particular project he's working on in the hobby room, ask around.

Even if he's fully equipped, stock-up on consumable items like special papers, fresh paint, masking tape, shop towels, or paintbrushes...can't ever have too many brushes!






Plastic Organizer Boxes - Set of 5 - Assorted Colors by Whitmor
Plastic Mesh Baskets with Handles - Extra Large Clear - Set of 3 by Iris®






Art in America Magazine

120x60 New Logo 2
I love this website because my husband loves magazines.... they are the perfect last-minute gift - you can even print a custom gift announcement!

Watercolor Magic Magazine





I was looking the other day at the Paint Sprayers at Northern Tools -
we are trying to get our old timey low-budget tv show ( Dumpsterpiece Theatre ) off the ground, ...
I thought a sprayer would be great for painting large areas,
backdrops, canvas, walls, tons of fun ideas!
- nancy


Surprise him with the gift of his own creation -
Express Yourself™ Photo Select Address Label
where his art is on the label! Also perfect for his mom!

Colorful Images
More Gifts for Him




Set his creative juices flowing - give him all the tools and supplies to start a brand new hobby!





Discover a whole new world of art, at creativityexplored.org
a nonprofit visual arts center where artists with developmental disabilities create, exhibit, and sell art.

July 2005, I had the pleasure of shopping in one of CE's San Francisco galleries - it was awesome - anything from their online store would be a generous and thoughtful gift -- nancy











For the webdesigner - there are 5,000 sounds plus
6 million clipart images,
fonts, animations, and photos at Clipart.com





By searching lists for art school supplies, you'll find ideas for stocking up his art cabinets
-pencil -sharpie -eraser -sketch pad -pencil box -colored pencils -watercolor set -watercolor brushes -masking tape
-paper / pastel paper -pencils: HB or #2, 6B or 8B -eraser -felt tip pen, black, fine point -ruler, 18", metal edge -tracing paper tablet -drawing paper tablet, 12" x 18" -brush, round, soft, #6 or #8 -small plastic paint tray -india ink (black) -water jar -construction paper tablet - X-acto knife -glue stick or rubber cement -scissors -pencils - 6b and 8b -eraser - soft or kneaded
-conte chalk - black, brown or terra cotta, white -large drawing board -newsprint tablet - toned paper
Water containers Tissues or paper towels Masking tape smock or apron -sketch book -pencils -Wallis white sanded pastel paper -soft pastels (not oil pastels - a 45 set or larger of landscape soft pastels - Rembrandt is an excellent brand) -drawing board -soft vine charcoal -paper towels -cloth or newspapers -dust mask -
Portfolio folder to store 2-d art projects - tempera paints (assort. colors), watercolors, acryilics, finger paints, oil paints, fabric paints and dyes, palettes, and brushes - markers, washable markers, colored pencils, pencils

One of the advantages of Oils is the limited number of colours that you need to start. Following is a good basic selection. It is usually possible to buy this or a close approximation of this range in an Oil Paint Beginners Set which often have smaller tubes for good value.

Basic Palette: Flake White -Ivory Black -Burnt Umber -Raw Sienna -Alizarin Crimson -Scarlet Lake- Cadmium Yellow- Chrome Yellow- Cobalt Blue- Ultramarine-

Extended Palette: Titanium White -Lamp Black -Yellow Ochre- Prussian Blue -Vermilion -
You will notice that there are no greens in the basic selection. Another advantage of Oils is the extent to which they can be mixed. With two blues and two yellows you can mix a wide range of greens.




Crafts @ joann.com!





fathers day

Magazine Subscriptions are the
PERFECT last-minute gift!

Don't forget the FREE printable gift cards!
Magazines are the gift that keeps giving... ALL YEAR !
Magazines.com, Inc.










A nonprofit visual arts center where artists with developmental disabilities create, exhibit, and sell art.

Tons Of Fun!

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...great gifts for all kinds of guys...

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