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Gifts for the Gardener



A guy who loves his yard is a wonderful guy.


The grass is always greener, so is his thumb!


As a result of his handiwork, you might get fresh cut flowers on your desk, or fresh tomatoes for your salads! Yummy!


Here's some ideas and cool places to shop for your green-thumb guy...









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Hammacher Schlemmer Homepage

Especially useful inside a narrow greenhouse or any space requiring careful navigation,
this tool caddy can be easily and precisely directed with one hand .
Easy-To-Maneuver Watering Cart

Tested Best Leaf Blower & Vacuum

This three-in-one yard tool outranked all of its rivals to earn a Best rating from the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute for ease of leaf vacuuming and blowing. Tested Best Leaf Blower & Vacuum

Upside Down Tomato Garden at Hammacher Schlemmer
Upside Down Tomato Garden at Hammacher Schlemmer





Garden 120x90 Magazines

Deep Discounted Clearance!

Top 10 Gardening Tools For Men
By Peter Richmond
10. Wheelbarrow Wheelbarrows make it much easier to transport heavy materials and equipment. Work smarter not harder with this large six cubic foot capacity wheelbarrow. The steel tray gives it additional strength, allowing you to carry heavier loads, and the hardwood handles provide maximum leverage. Get it here.

9. Shovel You can dig up holes a lot faster with a shovel than with your hands. Remember, shovels are meant for digging but besides planting new bushes or trees, they also come in handy for whacking Bob over the head when he acts up.

8. Trowel Some people use an old tablespoon to bury their bulbs in the ground or plant their perennials. But the best and fastest way to plant your favorite vegetation is with a trowel.

7. Pruners Pruning allows him to remove diseased, damaged or dead plant parts. It also helps a tree seal its wounds quicker. Pruning a dense canopy also allows for better air circulation and sunlight penetration. A pruner is the perfect precise clean cutting tool. It allows him to properly cut any small size branch or stem without destroying it.

6. Shears & Scissors If you want to keep your yard looking attractive, then keep your bushes neatly trimmed in symmetrical shapes. By doing so, you'll accentuate everything else, including the lawn. Shears and scissors are the best tools to use. Here's a tip to improve your grip and comfort: cut a two-foot long piece of old hose pipe and fix each end to the two handles of the shears.

5. Edger Place the finishing touches on your garden with an edger by slicing into the ground to create a clean, sharp edge between flowerbeds, solid surfaces and the lawn. Edging will make your lawn look finely groomed along the borders and prevent grass from growing outside of the boundaries.

4. Weeder If you want to remove revolting weeds and dandelions from your beautiful green lawn without contaminating the environment or putting your family's health at risk with the very controversial use of herbicides, then a weeder is the way to go.

3. Soaker Hose Starter Kit With water becoming an increasingly scarce resource, authorities are either limiting the use of water or slapping you with ridiculous water bills in the summer. The most efficient way to keep costs low is by using a soaker hose. With it, you can direct all the water directly where you need it with minimal waste. Also, watering the ground is better for your plants. Remember, wet leaves can damage in the hot sun. .

2. Trimmer The 12-volt Black & Decker CST2000 with cordless convenience requires no gas, oil or tune-ups. This lawn trimmer is probably one of my favorite garden tools; it allows me to trim the grass in those tight spots the lawn mower can't reach. .

1. Lawn Mower A man will work as well as the quality of his tools. One of the reasons some lawns look very unattractive is because people dread the morning weekend ritual that is required in order to properly maintain their lawn. This usually happens because most people have cheap lawn mowers that make the work last longer than it should. Treat him to a top of the line mower and you'll have your lawn cut in minutes rather than hours. -- Peter Richmond www.askmen.com



penney lynn wind toys
Wind Toys Online - Low Prices on Kites,
Wind Chimes, Garden Wind Wheels, Flags and more!




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Sears Lawn & Garden and Tools Free Shipping over $49 468x60








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lillian vernon garden shop







wonderfully wacky


Plow & Hearth







Free Shipping On All Snowblowers!
Free Shipping on all Snow Blowers





Flip the Lever and Watch the Hose Reqind Itself!


Crabgrass is Enemy #1
brought to you by Yardiac

Once Crabgrass gets foothold in your lawn it can be difficult to fend off (even with the best pre-emergent control products!) However it can be done! Here is what we recommend!

The first step is to purchase Crabgrass Killer! This chemical is formulated to specifically attack the roots of crabgrass! It is a Post-emergence control for grassy weeds in Bermuda, zoysia and bluegrass lawns. It kills crabgrass, sandbur, dallisgrass, johnsongrass, goosegrass, barnyardgrass and more.

This concentrate and will cover up to 4,000 square feet! For Blue Grass mix 2 oz (4 tablespoons) in 1 gallon of water to cover 200 sq. ft. Spot treat the areas that are infested with crabgrass.

The second step is critical for optimal application -- always mix a "Spreader Sticker" with the weed killing chemical.

The "spreader sticker" we recommend is called Wilt Pruf. Mixing a spreader sticker (1 oz. per gallon) with a weed killer will ensure the chemical spreads over the entire foliage area and then sticks! As an added benefit, it will keep an application from washing off during an unexpected spring rain storm!

The weed should begin to wilt and brown within 5 days -- spot treat as needed every two weeks until you have killed off that nasty crabgrass! It should not take more than 2-3 applications to wipe out event he most mature crabgrass.

A couple of other notes: For best results, apply Crabgrass Killer to the lawn in the morning (after dew has dried) on a sunny, calm day to allow maximum absorption of the weed killer. Higher temperatures result in a quicker uptake of this product for faster control. However, do not apply Crabgrass Killer if temperatures exceed 90 degrees. If daytime temperatures are expected to exceed 90 degrees, apply the product in early morning when it is cooler.

The combination of these two products will take care of your weed problem!


Garden Backpack Sprayer
Garden Backpack Sprayer Of all the backpack sprayers we've tested over the years, we find this specially-designed Garden Backpacker Sprayer to be the best.
Perfect BalanceTM Custom Fertilizers
Perfect BalanceTM Custom Fertilizers Only from gardens alive! Gardens Alive! is proud to offer an exciting solution for your garden soil problems.
Men's BionicT Gardening Gloves
Men's BionicT Gardening Gloves Designed by a hand surgeon, the Bionic Garden Glove's patented and patent pending features improve comfort without interfering with hand motion.



Self Rewinding Hose Reels


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At StacksandStacks you'll always find hot deals and new products and more practical, stylish, yet affordable ways to store, organize, consolidate and decorate than you can imagine. We specialize in closets, featuring Closet Organizers, Cedar Chests, Hangers, Garment Racks, Plastic Boxes, and Shoe Racks. Our home office includes items like Office Furniture, Laptop Desks, File Cabinets, Computer Desks, DeskLamps, Desk Chairs, Desks, and File Boxes. In the bathroom, Towel Warmers, and Waste Cans.

Stacks has a vast assortment of home furnishings such as Window Shades, Mail Boxes, Room Dividers, Room Screens, Floor Lamps, Bookcases, Trunks, Lamps, Magazine Racks, and Coat Trees. Items for the family room such as CD Racks, DVD Racks, Entertainment Centers, TV Stands, Display Cases, Fireplaces, Flag Cases, and Game Tables. Organize your garage with Bike Racks, Boxes, Step ladders, Shelving, and Bike Accessories. Our wine cellar contains Wine Coolers, and Wine Racks. For your kids rooms, Toy Chests, Fire Escape Ladders, and Jogging Strollers.

You'll also find an excellent selection of Outdoor Living products. We offer Garden Furniture, Patio Awnings, Gazebos, Weathervanes, Outdoor Furniture, Outdoor Umbrellas, Arbors, Potting Tables, and Picnic Baskets.

In the kitchen, Bakers Racks, Spice Racks, Pot Racks, Cutting Boards, Dish Racks, Microwave Carts, Hanging Pot Racks, Salad Spinners, and Bread Boxes, Special items for the bedrooms, such as Bed Trays, Bed Risers, and Jewelry Boxes. For the laundry, Laundry Sorters, Sewing Machines, Hampers, and Ironing Boards. Even products for pets like Dog Houses, Pet Houses and Pet Ramps.



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