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Originally Broadcast April 19th, 2002...



The '50s had more than it's share of stupid monsters, but none are quite so endearing to fans as "The Killer Shrews." Not that the idea was ludicrous enough, but to have dogs in shaggy costumes portraying the title characters... wow!

I hate to admit this, but the film scared me when I saw it on Channel 9's "Strange Tales of Science Fiction" in the mid-60's. It didn't seem silly then, but man---what time has done for our shaggy villians.
But the shrews did have to do battle with a human cast, and that's where things get pretty interesting. James Best is the male lead in one of his earliest films. He would later find great success in television with his memorable turn in
"The Twilight Zone" episode "The Last Rites of Jeff Myrtlebank" and became a star as Sheriff Roscoe on "The Dukes of Hazzard."
Former Sons of the Pioneers singer Ken Curtis (later Festus on "Gunsmoke") co-stars; he also produced this and the legendary "Giant Gila Monster." Bothe films were directed by Ray Kellogg, a former special effects man who directed a few low budget films before returning to visuals. A loss to B-movie fans, but at least he left us with dogs in shrew's clothing. How poetic!

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"Mulholland Dr." is prime David Lynch; those of you familiar with the director's work know what I mean. "If you are a fan of "Blue Velvet," "Lost Highway" and "Twin Peaks," you're going to feel right at home in this dreamlike film noir about a young girl whose hopes of stardom are sidetracked by a mysterious young stranger who can't remember who she is.

Lynch's quirky style and characterizaions, another great Angelo Badalanente score (he also appears in an hilarios cameo) and Jack Fisk's incredibly bizarre set decorations are among the many highlights. The Academy Awards blew it once again, by not nominating these talented craftsmen who constantly defy traditional Hollywood with totally original works of art. Naomi Watts was also neglected in a performance that defies description; I can't think of a finer example of an actress running the full gambit of her craft. Her on-screen metamorphosis is mesmerizing.

So take a spin down "Mulholland Dr." If you love film as art and entertainment, you'll want to watch it again as soon as it's over---if only to try and figure the damned thing out. What a ride!


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August 17, 2006

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Friday Night TV Shoot
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