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a fun year-round party theme for pool parties, baby and bridal showers,
cocktail parties, picnics, graduations, birthdays, barbeques, bon voyage, corporate events,
a retirement party, or for a romantic dinner and tropical island escape!

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Lu'au Activities & Games


Lei Hukilau Asst. Brights Everyone at the party should receive a welcome Lei... a necklace of flowers. They come in a large variety of sizes and qualities, all the way from very inexpensive plastic, to silk flowers, to real flowers from a florist.


For a fun party craft activity,
let guests make their own "LEI"
(pronouced 'lay')
floral necklace !!

You only need

STRING & NEEDLE - Fishing line for a real flower lei, any ribbon or yarn for a more casual craft. This also determines the type of 'needle' you need to guide the petals onto your string.

STRAWS - clear or solid color drinking straws (cut into equal pieces) if you want spaces between the petals

PETALS - you can use real flowers, the entire bloom, full carnation heads etc, or you can use synthetic silk petals, or even cut petal shapes from construction paper (use a hole punch for the center, no needle required)


Put out big wooden bowls of each ingredient, mix and match colors, or keep to the color theme of your party.

Have a few already made for guests who aren't crafty, or arrive late, and to use as a sample ....


Even before Chubby Checker released the song "Limbo Rock" in 1962,
people have been dancing under a stick at all sorts of parties.

Limbo is a dance that originated on the island of Trinidad, though Hawaii is often mistakenly associated with limbo. The dancer moves to a Caribbean rhythm, then leans backward and dances under a horizontal stick without touching it. Upon touching it or falling backwards, the dancer is "out". When several dancers compete, they travel in single file, and the stick is gradually lowered until only one dancer who has not touched either the stick or the floor remains. ~ wikipedia

You can buy Limbo kits from party supply, or make one from bamboo or broomsticks. Decorate with florals and plam fronds!



The Hawaiians played 'ulumaika, a game that resembles contemporary lawn bowling or croquet with no mallets. A round rock or a softball is rolled or pitched through two short wooden stakes. A point is gained each time the rock passes through the stakes. The stakes can be as close together as five or six inches or as far apart as two feet, depending on how challenging you want the game to be. Participants can stand as close to the posts as a yard away, or further back. It's best to play one person at a time unless you have a large yard and can set up stakes far apart from each other (and from the rest of the party think of it as a horseshoe pit).

Lethal Luau (Murder Mystery Party) Serve up some excitement! Make your next dinner party memorable by hosting a Hawaiian murder mystery. Your guests will include Holly Day, the vacationing wife of a billionaire, scuba diving instructor Rip Tide and New York fashion model Nadia Seymour, among others. Someone has poisoned a private detective, and there is no shortage of suspects! This mystery dinner party game has everything you need, including printed invitations and placecards, full profiles of all the characters, dialogue for different scenes in the mystery and even recipes for an authentic Hawaiian meal! For 6 to 8 players Lethal Luau (Murder Mystery Party) Free Craft Projects and Patterns 1000's of free step by step projects and crafting patterns.

This cute Lu'au party mobile is something your guests can hang at home, a fun reminder of the fun they had at your Lu'au !!

Some of the materials are things you may have already around the craft room, like ...
Beaded garland
Fishing Line
Small mirrors (optional)

Full instructions and variations are available at

~~ More Crafts !! ~~



luau party supplies

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