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a fun year-round party theme for pool parties, baby and bridal showers,
cocktail parties, picnics, graduations, birthdays, barbeques, bon voyage, corporate events,
a retirement party, or for a romantic dinner and tropical island escape!

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Lu'au Fun for Kids

A kid's lu'au is not really that much different from an adult lu'u - the decorations are the same... you might choose more kid-friendly foods and skip the rum in the fruit punch!

Kid's luau foods could be all finger foods - chunks of tropical fruit - cut up hot dogs & pineapple chunks - goldfish crackers - and

Octopus Hot Dogs!!
personally I think they are cuter using whole length hot dogs, this video shows half,
but the process is the same - cut the dogs about half way up either way.


Kids love bowling games - for a luau, use
REAL coconuts and plastic tiki mugs to set up your tropical bowling game !!

The games and crafts on the Activities page are almost all suitable for a kids party.

You can also combine a cartoon character with your lu'au party

Consider a Lilo & StitchHawaiian party theme!

Visit my Lilo & Stitch Party Page for more ideas!

lilo & stitch luau lilo & stitch party


or How about SpongeBob? Little Mermaid? Finding Nemo?

Here are some more supplies especially for a kids party -


Luau Costumes Make your next Luau Party
even more festive, its more fun in costume!

Current Catalog


luau party supplies

Thanks for visiting, and we hope your lu'au is the best ever!

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I love helping with party plans!

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  Luau party supplies, favors and decorations
Tons of luau party supplies, favors and decorations at Century Novelty. Ships same day!

hawaii luau ideas

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