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Setting up a Lu'au

Setting up your lu'au, whether its your backyard or a
banquet hall won't be a chore if you have a plan ...

Separate distinct party areas for various activities like the buffet,
the bar, games, dance floor (hula space), crafts, gift table, dinner seating and casual seating.

Your guests should be able to move freely around the various "stations"
- give them as much room as you are able, without being too spread out.

Large signs or banners are very hepful for a large lu'au with many guests,
if your cocktail party is more intimate, you won't need a giant sign pointing out the bar, haha.

icon Illuminate pathways with tiki torches if you are outdoors,
to create "walls" and define party spaces...



Tropical Decor – 7 Quick Tips on How to Decorate with Tropical Style
By Chris Barret

Tropical decor can lend a sense of peace and tranquility to your home. For many people, simply decorating a single room with beach decor can provide a tropical oasis at home. Though decorating in this style is not as easy as it would seem. Creating a tropical themed room can be a tough balancing act between posh and tawdry.

Here are a few tips on how to the right amount of island style to your home today:

  1. Plants – Large plants are a must-have for any tropical themed room. Areca palms, Coconut Palms, Cycas palms perfectly suit this theme. Bamboo trees will also add a hint of the Asian tropics to your home. Using wicker baskets to house your plants will add a nice finishing tropical touch.

  2. Natural Colors – Tropical decor looks to the beach for its inspiration. Tans, aquas and greens should serve as the primary colors in tropical design. These colors represent sand, water and trees respectively. You can even a splash of deep red to represent the rising and setting sun.

  3. Bamboo Décor – Bamboo is the quintessential element for beach style living. Add bamboo picture frames, bamboo furniture, bamboo vases, and even bamboo candles.

  4. Coconut and Palm Accents – Coconut and palm trees also go hand-in-hand with tropical home decor. Coconut candles are a unique and simple way to lend a peaceful feel to your decor. A palm-inspired bathroom is also a classic design idea.

  5. Shells – What tropical themed room would be complete without shells? Use large shells as accent pieces in your bathroom. Try gluing a collection of small shells on a blank framed canvas for an interesting wall accent.

  6. Tropical wall decor - Look for wall prints that feature palm trees or large palm leaves. Pineapple prints are another surefire tropical style addition to your living room.

  7. Natural elements – add tropical furniture and accents pieces made from natural materials like seagrass, banana leaf, water hyacinth, and rattan. These materials are often woven to form sofas, chairs, tables and accents, such as baskets.
You should not overdo your decorating with any of these tips. Utilizing these concepts sparingly will add class to your room, adding them everywhere will make the room tacky.

Visit The Travelled Home for more Tropical Decor and Bamboo Decor decorating ideas.   Article Source:

This article is more focused on a living room than a party space, but the general theme can also apply to a banquet hall... you should go a little more "overboard" for a party than you would for a home living space ~



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Luau Decorations
By Elizabeth Morgan

Let your imagination run wild while decorating for a Luau. The essence of all decoration ideas must be bold and bright colors, and anything that will recreate an island in your house! The most basic decoration must be done with flowers and foliage and then other island props should be added to complete your decoration.

Before purchasing anything, it’s a good idea to look through all your old stuff to hunt out any straw hats, shells, bamboo sticks, colorful umbrellas, sunglasses, tropical print door curtains, streamers, beach accessories, fish nets or even an old set of oars. Use small electric lights in the Hawaiian style to cover your shrubs. You will need a lawn sign that you can easily paint yourself on wooden planks to announce your Luau.

Make cutouts of palm trees, hula girls, parrots, flamingos, other colored birds and large tropical flowers; then put them all over the house. Paper lanterns are a great, inexpensive way to light up your place. Some essential decoration items are the bamboo ‘tiki’ torches and lei (you can use cheap plastic flowers if you want). These garlands can be draped around doors, pillars, windows, trees and on your chairs and tables. Make male leis by stringing together any medium size flowers like carnations, marigolds, orchids or roses. Save some plastic flowers to float in a small kid’s inflatable wading pool or even in large kitchen bowls. Make cardboard Hawaiian masks, and if you cannot draw, download and print mask designs from the Internet.

Collect shells from friends and spread them all over the party area, along with confetti on the serving tables. These should be laden with tropical fruit like pineapples, bananas, grapes and mangos. Place large colorful candles surrounded with flowers as your centerpiece, and make the table skirts out of straw. All your tables must look like Hula dancers! Cutlery can be placed in bamboo baskets, and fishnets strewn with colorful flowers may be placed behind the tables to give them the ultimate island feel.

Make bouquets of colorful balloons and hang them around.

With all these Luau decoration ideas, your feast is bound to be successful, with friends and family wanting to return again and again!

Luau provides detailed information about luau, luau decorations, luau invitations, luau music and more. Luau is the sister site of Outdoor Bar Stools.

Article Source:

Outdoor Living at Hammacher Schlemmer

At the Willow Creek Community Church, South Barrington, Illinios, 400 people gathered for a grandiose luau, not soon to be forgotten.

A the four-hour party, men wore grass skirts and leis, plastic palm trees surrounded a live music stage, 30 professional dancers performed Polynesian revues, a fire dancer demonstrated the island tradition outside and Hawaiian fruit trays and non-alcohol pina coladas were served from a tiki hut.

For more atmosphere, live iguanas, tree frogs, hermit crabs, bearded dragons, parrots and tropical fish were on display, donated to the party by a local pet store.

Dozens of electric tiki lights glowed, and the large activity room was awash in orange, blue and purple lighting, simulating a Maui sunset.

A wonderful luau, thrown for an inspirational boy - read the full article here

Hammocks for Summer at Hammacher Schlemmer

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Grills from The Grill Store and Morealso available - smaller Cocktail Bar Tiki Hut , 4 x 4 Tiki Hut and larger 8 x 8 Tiki Hut
On The Edge Neon Sign — Tiki Bar, Model# 260006

On The Edge Neon Sign — Tiki Bar, Model# 260006

Stylish, impressive neon sign creates a warm tropical bar theme for your garage, game room or family room. Hang it in a window, set it on the counter or mount it on the wall.
Tiki Bar sign 22in. x 22in. size Neon tube is cool, quiet and energy efficient Uses less power than a standard 75 Watt bulb Powered by a safe, lightweight solid state transformer 6-ft. AC power cord UL/CSA listed Model 260006



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