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Christmas Party Games
and Gift Exchanges

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Christmas games to print and play

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Ice Breakers

As guests arrive at the party, it's nice to have an activity to help them get comfortable, and to get to know the other guests at the party. Traditionally, an "ice breaker" game is a game that helps break the (conversation) ice.

Christmas Character Ice Breaker Game - Have each person take a piece of paper with a Christmas themed historical figure, movie star or cartoon character. (Santa, Jesus, Mr. jingles, father Christmas, rudolph, the 8 other reindeer, virgin mary, frosty the snowman, Scrooge, the grinch, etc) Guests mingle and pretend they are that person without giving out their name. The other person would have to ask yes/no questions and guess who they are Ö If they didnít guess they would show each other their piece of paper. Limit conversations to 2 or 3 minutes by yelling "switch". In 10 minutes, that person will meet 4 or 5 other people.

Who Am I? A variation of the game above, is to put the character name on the guests back, and the guest have to ask other guests yes/no questions to try to figure out who they are. "Am I a man? Am I a woman? Am I human? Am I a Dicken character?" and so on... Limit 2 or 3 questions per person, so guests are forced to chat with new people.

GUESS HOW MANY Fill a jar or large vessel with small festive items, like wrapped candy or small ornaments, and count the exact number of items in the jar. Let guests write their guess on a piece of paper and whoever guesses the closest, wins a prize. Have an extra prize handy in case of a tie. If you want, the prize can be the actual jar of candy.

Circle Games

These are games where everyone at the part is sitting around the room in somewhat of a circle.

The Gift Unwrap Game - The host wraps a prize with several layers of gift wrap. The gift is unwrapped one layer at a time by the guests, but the host plays Christmas music, and the gift must be passed every time the music stops. The guest who pulls off the last piece of gift paper while the music is playing wins the gift. You can use more than one gift for this game.

Christmas Instant Message - Guests sit in a circle, and the host whispers the words from a christmas song into the ear of one person. That person whispers the lyric to the next person, all the way around the circle, and the last person announces the "instant message"

Christmas musical chairs - use Christmas carols to play musical chairs with regular rules

Team Games

A fun way to create teams is to apply a sticker to each guest as they walk in the door, for instance, give everyone either a star or a snowflake sticker, especially split up couples and groups so that everyone gets to know each other. If you think you need 3 or 4 teams, then pass out the appropriate styles of stickers. When it's time for the groups to get together, tell everyone to gather with their STAR or SNOWFLAKE sticker buddies.

Christmas Charades - Just like regular charades, but use only Holiday movies and songs. Write titles on pieces of paper, and put them in a bowl. Each team takes turns choosing a player, pick a paper, and act out the song/movie title to their team.
The rules of the acted charades used vary widely and informally, but these rules, in some form, are common to most players:
* The players divide into two teams.
* Each player (or the host) writes a phrase on a slip of paper to create the phrases to be guessed by the other team provided with a randomly selected word or phrase in secret (usually on a slip of paper drawn from a container), and then has a limited period of time in which to convey this to his teammates.
* No sounds or lip movements are allowed. In some circles, even clapping is prohibited, while in others, the player may make any sound other than speaking or whistling a recognizable tune.
* The actor cannot point out at any of the objects present in the scene, if by doing so he is helping his teammates.
* Usually, any gesture is allowed other than blatantly spelling out the word, but some play that indicating anything about the form of the phrase is prohibited, even the number of words, so that only the meaning may be acted out.
* The teams alternate until each team member has had an opportunity to pantomime.
Since so many rules can vary, clarifying all the rules before the game begins can avoid problems later.
More charade rules at wikipedia

Santa's Beard Relay - Make two or more teams. On one side of the room put a couple big bowls of cotton balls. Then have the players put vaseline on their faces, around the mouth, in the beard areas.. Make sure everyone has approximately the same amount of Vaseline applied to keep things fair. The point of the game is to run to the other side of the room stick your face in the bowl of cotton and then run back so the next person can go. The winning team is the one who has the most cotton balls stuck to their faces in the least amount of time. At the end of the race award pre-determined bonus points for the team that finished first and a point for each cotton ball stuck to a face. Take photos of everyone with their beards !! Make sure you have plenty of warm wet towels so everyone can clean their faces afterward! Thanks partygamecentral for this idea.

"The Gift is ME" - During the gift exchange, save all the paper and bows. Teams use the paper and bows to 'wrap' one person on the team, whichever team does the best job of covering and decorating the "gift" is the winning team.

Table Games

These games are good for when everyone is sitting around at tables.

Snowflakes - let guests make snowflakes from paper and tape them to a window or wall.
Pre-fold the paper cones will help everyone tremendously. Instructions here.

Paper Plate Art - Give each guest a paper plate and a colorful pen. Each guest has to draw Santa Claus (or a Christmas Tree or snowflake or other holiday character) on the paperplate, but the catch is that they have to draw while holding the paper plat on top of their head!! Choose a judge before you play, or let everyone vote for the best prize-winning drawing!


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    Christmas Party Crackers at PlumParty
    At dinners and parties, crackers are used to decorate individual place settings and are usually opened prior to serving the meal or refreshments.
    The pulling of crackers and donning of the party hats creates a relaxed, festive atmosphere certain to get any party function off the ground.


    Gift Exchanges

    If you have people bringing gifts, make sure they only have to bring ONE gift. Personal gift exchanges should be done privately, not in front of everyone else at the party. Group gift exchanges can be really fun, and there are several ways to accomplish this.

    white elepahntWhite elephant gift exchanges are where everyone brings something in good/new condition from their own home, they do not have to go out and buy anything. Also known as re-gifting.

    Many internet sources claim that White Elephant gifts are the equivalent of "gag gifts". White elephant gifts can be funny or quirky, but should not be useless or worthless.

    Make sure your guests understand, that White Elephant means useful/new re-giftable items, not trash. Wikipedia says "A white elephant is a valuable possession which its owner cannot dispose of and whose cost (particularly cost of upkeep) exceeds its usefulness." I think, in the case of a gift exchange, if you tell people to "re-gift a like-new item from their home" they will understand.

    Gifts should have a price range, say like $10-$15 or more or less depending on your group, and you should specify in the invitation whether the gift should be new or used (white elephant), gag gifts or not, and whether or not they should be wrapped, or if they should be marked for man/woman or boy/girl.

    You could also specify a certain type of gift that everyone should bring to make things fair, and easier to shop for.

    a new or used DVD movie,
    Christmas tree ornaments
    $10 bottle of wine exchange
    oddball kitchen utensils under $5
    bubble-bath exchange
    clocks or timepieces
    favorite-store-gift card exchange
    home made gifts only
    one or two dollar store $1 items
    food gifts only

    You have many options when it comes to the actual gift exchange. Some ideas require that you number the gifts as they come in the door some do not, some ideas require that everyone exchange at the same time, some do not.

    Dirty Santa - This element can be added to any of the gift exchange methods - Instead of choosing a gift from the gift table, guests can "steal" a gift that has already been opened by someone else. Before the party, decide if you want to let people steal gifts from one another, and choose the number of times a gift can be stolen - 3 times is popular, but its hard to keep track... "only once" is the easiest, and it keeps popular gifts from being exchanged over and over. Bringing an unpopular gift can be embarrassing for guests, so minimize the possibility of hurt feelings, as best you can, by preventing too much trading.

    Before the party, make cute slips of paper with numbers and give each person (who brings a gift to exchange) a random number as they come in the door. To pass out the gifts, start with number one and follow numerically to let everyone pick a gift from the pile.


    Before the party, write numbers on sticky post-it paper, or make cute sticky tags with numbers to place randomly on the gifts as they come in the door, AND have the guests choose numbers randomly from a bowl of numbers. To pass out the gifts, everyone takes the gift with the corresponding number.


    Write lines from a famous Christmas Carol or "Night before Christmas" on slips of paper. Then read the carol or story out loud, and as you read the appropriate lines, the guests get to chose gifts when their line is read.


    This one is very quick - All guess with gifts sit in a circle and gifts are passed around while a holiday song plays, when the song is over, the gifts they are holding are their final gift. This is also very fun with unwrapped gifts, because people will try to hold on to a gift they really want.


    Place all the gifts on a table and let people choose gifts in order of age (oldest to youngest) Add "dirty santa" if you want.


    Top 10 Fun Christmas Gift Exchange Ideas
    This list of creative gift exchange ideas is sure to add some Holiday Cheer to any gathering!
    View more Ľ

    Christmas Office Party Games
    By Jeff Ray

    Having an office party is a great place to play games. As long as you make sure that it's the right type of environment for letting loose and having fun, everyone will love these activities. Christmas office party games tend to bring out the best in people.

    1. Santa's Secret Stash- This is one of the most fun Christmas office party games around! You give everyone a bag with their name on it filled with goodies. If they say any of the following words during the party, they have to give you one of their goodies! The words are Santa, reindeer, snow, Christmas, presents, etc. You can really fine-tune this to fit the style of your office party.

    2. Christmas Bingo- You can have Bingo cards made up that are Christmas themed. Each person gets to fill in one square depending on if they meet certain criteria. For example: "Fill in a Christmas tree if you bought a new outfit for this party!" Make up criteria that is fun and Christmas related and you'll have a winner on your hands.

    3. Name that Christmas Tune- If you have a group of musical lovers, you can play Christmas office party games that sing! Play a few seconds of a particular Christmas song and see who can "name that Christmas tune."

    4. Christmas Treasure Hunt - Hide various Christmas themed items around the room and have people locate them based on certain clues. This can be done in groups of people, individuals, or even couples. When they find the Christmas item it can be something they get to take home! Alternatively, you can have them hunt for people who have done various Christmas related things this year. This is great if you want to get people mingling.

    5. Of course, no Christmas office party games list is complete without a gift exchange. There are many different ways that you can do this gift exchange. The most popular is probably doing a Secret Santa. That way people only have to buy for one particular person and aren't embarrassed if their gift is exchanged as with a White Elephant exchange.

    Christmas office party games are a great way to bring some life into your holiday party or office. Decide which ones the employees will like the best and you'll have a great time this holiday season.

    To discover additional Christmas office party games, check out www.ChristmasOfficePartyGames.net! Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jeff_Ray http://EzineArticles.com/?Christmas-Office-Party-Games&id=934827


    For games that are not gift exchange games, the party host should have festively wrapped prizes for the winners. These prizes should be something appropriate for about anyone. Always pick up extra prizes in case of a tie.


    For team games, the prize could be extra cookie favors to take home, or pick up a multitude of inexpensive gifts for the whole team. If you have extra prizes at the end of the party, have a quick number-pick or trivia question to give away the last prizes.


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    Thanks for visiting - hope you found a game idea for your party!
    If you have any questions about these games write to me,
    or if you have a favorite Christmas game you would like to see added to this page, please send it my way! Thanks!





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