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Winter Weddings
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Winter and the holidays are a lovely time to get married!

There are special circumstances to having a wedding in December that do not apply to other times of year.

For instance, you may have an easier time
finding some services that would be booked
during the busy spring & summer.

On the other hand, because of the hectic holiday season,
you might have to compete against holiday parties and other catered events.
A winter wedding might be perfect in January too.

I've put some shops & articles together that will hopefully give you
some spark and inspirational ideas for your Chistmastime wedding!


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OTC weddingCreative Ideas and Tips to Plan a Magical Winter Wedding!
By Neelima Reddy

Getting married in winter is terribly glamorous, magical and cinematic. With the right elements, ideas and tips, your winter wedding will become fantastic. The clean, crisp air, radiant snow and holiday mood all combine to make the winter a wonderful season for wedding.

Here are some creative ideas and tips to plan a spectacular winter wedding:

Selecting the right theme:

Selecting the right wedding theme makes it easier to plan your wedding.

After selecting the right theme, it is very easy to choose the colors and organizing everything from your attire to the decorations.

The most popular examples of wedding themes include: Christmas, winter wonderland and snowflakes.

o For Christmas themed wedding, select red and green colors.
o For winter wonderland theme, you can go for frosty shades of silver and white or you can also select deep jewel tones like ruby, sapphire or emerald.
o For a snowflake wedding theme, select plenty of crystal snowflakes.

Selecting the wedding outfit:

You can wear a stunning white fur stole or cape in your winter wedding. You can also try for a frosty white cashmere cape decorated above your shoulders. To imitate the radiant look of snow, wear a silver or platinum jewelry and decorate your hair with a beautiful tiara.

Wear a diamond pendant shaped similar to a snowflake for a right and dazzling accent to your wedding gown. You can wear any style depending on how your gown looks. Always, pure white is a wonderful color for your bridal gown, particularly during the winter months.

Winter wedding location:

You will find various places where you can celebrate your winter wedding. A very traditional choice for winter wedding is "church". A banquet hall, country inn, or even your family member's house or your friend's house can also look nice. If you want a magical and romantic experience, celebrate the occasion in a horse drawn carriage.

Wedding decorations:

The wedding decorations you are going to choose must complement with your theme and color scheme. If you want to decorate with balloons, then place bunches of green and red balloons or silver and blue ones.

If your wedding is in a church, then decorate with a fabric along the pews. Try fabrics of two different types, they must be in contrast or coordinating shades, for instance, red and green, silver and navy or all white.

If you are searching for a beautiful centerpiece, you can keep beautiful snow globes, small evergreen trees, or candles surrounding with floral wreaths.

Winter wedding favors:

Planning for wedding favors is a great way to convey thanks to the guests and presenting them a memorable memento of your ceremony. For example, wrap the candles in a bundle of colorful tulle tied with a satin ribbon or a disposable camera to capture their own photos.

Pockets of tea, cocoa or cider are always a great idea for wedding favors.

Winter wedding invitations:

Indoors are great places for winter weddings, so formal invitations are good. When you choose the invitations, make sure that they match with the color scheme. Ensure that the wordings in the invitation are correct and clear details are given regarding the venue, time and dress code.

The more you are able to plan your winter wedding punctually and efficiently, the easier everything will be. You must be specific regarding everything so that everything will be perfect.

Neelima Reddy, author of this article writes for PerfectWeddingZone.com. Perfect Wedding Blog is an online resource that provides complete information on wedding. Know more about Wedding Accessories, Wedding Gifts, Wedding Ideas and Invitations and many more things. Visit Perfect Wedding Blog.Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Neelima_Reddy


Snowflake Theme
A snow theme could use all white for the decor, but would usually include bits of pale blue or pale lavender.


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Golden Shimmer Theme
Glimmery and shining, a white wedding highlighted with shimmering gold accents.



Hollyberry Theme
Using real holly in the floral arrangements, this victorian theme would include dark red and green.


Red Velvet Theme
Red velvet bows, dresses, alongside black and white decorations, are a striking combination.
This theme could be victorian or modern.



Candy Cane Lane Theme
All red & white - this theme is sweet & striped!



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Inexpensive Decor Ideas For a Christmas Wedding
By Anika Molugu

Christmas is a time of joy and celebration. People are in a festive mood during Christmas, so many couples take advantage of this time to celebrate their wedding to make it even more special. Aside from the great mood, the availability of Christmas decor during this time can double as wedding decorations. This will ultimately save you time and money in terms of wedding preparations.

If you are planning on booking your big day during this time, here are some inexpensive decor ideas you can use for your Christmas Wedding.

Advanced preparation

If you know that you will be getting married on Christmas, take advantage of the after-Christmas sales to buy decorations like baubles, wreaths, etc. You will save a lot more if you buy these items off-season, rather than buying them closer to the wedding date.

Pick as many pinecones you can find on the ground in the winter months prior to your wedding date. Giving them a "snowed" on appearance, by using egg whites and sugar crystals, will be easy to pull off later. This will be cheaper than buying them at a store. Place these in clear glass cylinders as cheap and easy table centerpieces.

You can use seed heads and fir cones as well. Sprinkle them with glitter just after you have spray painted them, then you can place them in vases after they have dried properly.


If you can find an appropriate design, you may actually be able to use Christmas cards as wedding invitations. If you think that suits your wedding, then you can put your invitations in small boxes with a bit of embellishment and send them out to your guests under the guise of Christmas gifts.


Incorporating lots of Christmas decor into your wedding venue will definitely make the occasion more festive and lively. Make use of holly, ivy, poinsettias, baubles, craft pearls and such to decorate the venue. Make sure to get all the stuff you need at the after-Christmas sales as mentioned previously.

Wedding cake alternatives

Instead of getting a wedding cake, you may want to consider using gingerbread cookies instead. Have these baked in the shape of men and women, then you can distribute these to your guests as an alternative to the cake.

If the idea of gingerbread men and women doesn't grab you, then you could opt to use festive Christmas cupcakes, instead of a traditional cake.


To save money on alcohol, you can serve your guests apple cider instead of wine or other liquor. This will also diffuse a lovely scent of spices and cinnamon around the reception area, adding to the Christmas feel.

Then, tuck small candy canes on the plates of guests at the reception area, to give them a sweet welcome.

Wedding favors

Place a small Christmas tree adorned with beautiful ornaments near the exit of the wedding hall, then ask your guests to pick an ornament as a souvenir on their way home.

Visit FavorIdeas for an exciting collection of unique wedding favors and fabulous winter wedding favors. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Anika_Molugu





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