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halloween costumes decorations propsHomemade Haunted House Tricks
halloween costumes decorations props Kids Costumes
halloween costumes decorations propsAdult Costumes
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halloween costumes decorations propsCreepy Crafts
halloween costumes decorations propsHalloween Safety Tips
halloween costumes decorations propsGhoulish Halloween Graphics
halloween costumes decorations propsPutrid Poetry, Ghost Stories, and Jokes
halloween costumes decorations propsHalloween Weddings
halloween costumes decorations propsTerrifying T-Shirts
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halloween costumes decorations props Halloween Gifts & Collectibles
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halloween costumes decorations propsDean & Nancy's Halloween Haunt Home Page
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Dean & Nancy's Halloween Haunt - great halloween ideas since 1996

Creepy Crafts


A couple of hip kids in my neighborhood are
in the business of designing their own rubber stamps...
they are the coolest stamps I have ever seen....
visit Sideshow Stamps, and create your own invitations and party supplies!
beautiful and quirky rubber art stamps


Fold a large sheet of white construction paper in half.  Add a few drops of orange tempera paint to one half near the crease (middle). Fold the paper so the paint is sandwiched inside.  Allow the child to rub the paper, pushing the paint towards the center and squishing the paint inside. Open the paper and let dry. When dry, cut out the shape that was created. This becomes your pumpkin. Add a stem, leaves and a face if desired. This is a great project to do with a group to create a very unique pumpkin patch. 


Candy Corn Beaded Safety Pin
Use this free pattern to make beaded safety pin jewelry.


pumpkin iconPUMPKIN PLAY DOUGHpumpkin icon

5 1\2 Cups Flour
2 Cups Salt
8 teaspoons Cream of Tartar
3\4 Cup Oil
1 Container
1 1\2 ounces Pumpkin Pie Spice
Orange Food Coloring (2 parts yellow, 1 part red)
4 Cups Water

Mix all of the ingredients together. Cook and stir over medium heat until all lumps appear.
Knead the dough on a floured surface until smooth. This makes plenty for a group.  This is great play dough!



50,000 brand name craft, sewing & scrapbooking supplies at 30-50% below retail.

  Appliqué Candles

Using pillar candles... here is directions for some spooky looking candles
that would make wonderful party favors too!
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Halloween Family Projects Family Crafts Blog


Halloween Costumes


Halloween Coloring Pages - a super easy party activity

Halloween Poetry Form color your own!


Ben & Jerry's Halloween Crafts

Scary Halloween Crafts
By Angela Maroevich

Looking for some great Halloween crafts for your Halloween party, haunted house, or just for trick-or-treaters?

A fun craft is something that can keep you occupied for hours on end especially if you enjoy it. Here are some ideas that will hopefully set you on your way in preparation for your next Halloween...

Halloween Crafts Part 1:

If you live in a house that has a wood-burning fireplace, then chances are that you have access to tree stumps or large blocks of wood. These are great for making stands for your Jack O'Lanterns. You could use a chisel to slightly hollow out the middle of the stump so that the lantern can sit stably or simply use some Blu-Tack or Velcro.

Get some small or mini pumpkins and hollow them out to use as candle holders. If open flames are out of the question, you can put glow sticks instead of candles, or LED battery operated Tealight Candles for a different effect. You can carve, draw or paint faces on the pumpkins too. Instead of pumpkins, you could use apples as well. Ensure that you choose apples that sit well and flat or cut off the bottom to make a flat surface. Remove the stem and cut around it deep enough for the candle. It is best to use taper candles for a better fit.

Get a large pumpkin and hollow it out to use as a salad bowl or to serve fresh vegetables. Cut off the top, hollow and clean it out and let it dry in the sun. You could carve a jagged edge design on the top. Do the same with some smaller or mini pumpkins to use for dips or salad dressings.

Make a scarecrow in your front yard. You need two pieces of wood, one put into the ground and the other nailed across for the arms. Use old jeans and a shirt and stuff them with newspaper. Add some straw for effect. You can use a plastic pumpkin for the head and draw a face on it. This makes a great Halloween craft for the whole family.

Tie glow sticks to helium balloons and let them float around the house. Ensure that some string extends below so that people can easily reach them if they get stuck somewhere or simply to play with them.

Use publicly available Halloween fonts on your computer to make banners or invitations for your party. It's a fast, easy Halloween craft you can use instantly to enhance your party theme. Print them onto inkjet iron-on transfer paper and put them onto your favourite t-shirt or Halloween outfit.

Halloween Crafts Part 2. OK, Now We Are Getting Scary...

A visit to your local hardware store for some basic items and you could make your own tombstones transforming your garden into an instant graveyard. Paint them grey to resemble stone. Do not worry about the details as it will be dark, but do put on some exciting or scary wordings. By the way, your local hardware store is loaded with Halloween craft ideas.

Going trick or treating? Why not make a special jug to collect candies? Cut off the top two inches of a gallon milk jug. Soak to remove any labels. Paint orange. Once dry, paint or stick on eyes nose and mouth resembling a Jack O'Lantern. Use fluorescent paint for a nice effect. The jug can be kept for future reuse.

Using six pipe cleaners, you can make your own skeleton. Bend one pipe cleaner into two for the backbone. Twist another around the bottom of the backbone to make into the legs. Do the same for the arms. Join two pipe cleaners and twist them around the backbone leaving some space forming a ribcage. Twist the last pipe cleaner for a head and glue on some eyes. Hang with a rubber band for a bouncing effect. Your kids will love making halloween crafts with pipe cleaners. But be careful when cutting and keep them out of their mouth.

Using glue and food coloring, you can make a see through painting. Paint a Halloween image onto a piece of plastic wrap. Before the mixture dries, put another piece of plastic wrap on. Cut it out and hang it in front of a light source for a see through effect. You could also frame the plastic pictures using wood or cardboard if you want them to be longer lasting.

Halloween Crafts Part 3. The Real Scary Stuff...

Make some hand printed spiders. Apply black paint to your palm and 4 fingers leaving out the thumb. Place palm onto a piece of paper. Turn the paper 180 degrees and print again making sure the palm overlaps. Add some wiggly eyes using either paint or sticks. This is suitable for even 2 or 3 year olds.

Using apples, you can make dried, shrunken heads. Peel the apples and coat with a mixture of lemon juice and salt to prevent browning. Carve out a face of eyes, nose and mouth. Do not worry about the finer details as they will probably be lost when the apple dries. You can use whole cloves for the eyes and rice grains for the teeth. Let the apples sit out in a warm place for about 2 weeks. If you don't have 2 weeks, you can speed up the drying by putting them into an oven on the lowest temperature for about 45 minutes and then to dry out naturally for the next 2 days or so. Once dried, they shrink and deform into weird and scary looking faces.

Says Angie Maroevich, "You don't have to spend a fortune on commercial Halloween supplies to have a great party. There are many inexpensive alternatives laying around the house or at your local store you can use to create a Halloween theme that will impress all your friends."

About The Author - Angie Maroevich is an arts and crafts enthusiast, business owner, and athlete. Her arts and crafts articles and be found at © 2004-2005 All rights Article Source:



Milk Jug Monsters - instructions for making 4 different life-size monsters out of milk jugs.




Craft Kits for kids of all ages - delivered monthly to your mailbox!
fun easy crafts

The low cost leader on craft kits and clubs for kids and adults!


Spook-Tacular Craft Links

pumpkin iconBlack Cat-made from a garbage bag
pumpkin iconPainted Pumpkin Rocks- very cute and very inexpensive
pumpkin iconDay of the Dead Crafts using recycled materials- cheap and educational!
pumpkin's easy-to-make Bat Mobile will guarantee a spooktacularly fun Halloween for you and your kids.
pumpkin iconCrafts from Making Friends- cute and easy! 
pumpkin icon50 Halloween Preschool Crafts- but not just for preschoolers!
pumpkin iconDLTK's Halloween Crafts- this is one of my favorites
pumpkin iconEnchanted Learning Halloween Crafts- 13 (or so) Halloween Crafts, Cards, Decorations, Worksheets, and Treats.
pumpkin iconFamily Fun Magazine's Halloween Crafts- easy projects for the whole family to do!
pumpkin iconSoft Sculpture Pumpkin This is a lovely pumpkin craft comes from Kathy Ross' book, "Crafts for all Seasons" that you can make out of old pantyhose and some fiberfill. You can make it as a nice fall craft or you can modify it for Halloween by adding a face.
pumpkin iconHandprint Ghosts from kinderart
pumpkin iconHandprint Spiders- too cute!! Great for little ones!
pumpkin iconKinderArt- many craft ideas for all ages. not just the little ones!


Martha Stewart Living
always has wonderful
Halloween craft ideas

like Pumpkin-Patch Creatures
Bat and Moon Paper Treat Bags
Cookie Cutter Cards
Bright Bag
Candy Wreath
Apple Votives
Creepy Crawlers Crafting
Candy Creatures
Stenciled Halloween Cakes
Witches' Brew
Autumn Centerpiece
Pet Masquerade
Costumed Candleholders
Candy-Wrapper Buckets
Scary Message Lanterns
Trick-or-Treat Bags
Decorating with Paper Silhouettes
Witch Silhouette
Rogues' Gallery of Pumpkins
Swamp Sips
Spider Toothpicks
Handmade Holiday Cards
Black Magic Decorations


You will find directions for all these crafts, and many more, at FAMILY CRAFTS

Halloween Surprise Tubes Find out how to make a special treat holder using a toilet tissue roll.
Haunted House Craft ,
made with a milk carton and your own imagination!
Make Stuffed Dummies
make these full-sized dummies. A perfect haunted house prop or scarecrow.
Spooky Hands
spooky hands are easy to make, and they are a great addition to your haunted house decorations.
Tombstone Beaded Safety Pin
Use this free pattern to make beaded safety pin jewelry.
You've Been BOOED
how to make a simple halloween gift for someone special. A nice Halloween surprise!
All Eyes are Upon You Decorate a t-shirt to like like several sets of eyeballs!
Amazing Halloweenies Make a collection of tiny Halloween characters out of Eraser Clay!
Big Spooky House A fun prop made with a hunk of cardboard.
Boo Banner This Halloween greeting is as friendly as the smile on the jack-o'-lantern's face.
Candy Corn Decorations Just think of all the fun things you'll be able to with these big cardboard candy corns!


eBay Halloween Craft kits & supplies


Halloween Crafts For Kids
By Michael Russell

Balloon Ghost: To make this fun Halloween decoration you will need a white balloon, scissors, white plastic grocery or garbage bags, tape, string and a black marker. Cut the plastic bags into strips leaving an uncut edge to hold the strips together. Blow up the balloon. Tape the cut up bags around the balloon to make the ghost's body. Make sure the balloon is upside down when you tape the bags on so that you have something to hang the ghost from. Draw a face on the balloon to make the ghost's head. Tie a string to the balloon and hang the ghost up.

Egg Carton Spider: For this craft project you will need an egg carton, googly eyes, scissors, pipe cleaners and crayons, markers, or colored pencils. Cut one section out of the egg carton. Poke four holes in each side of the cup with scissors. Put a pipe cleaner into each of the holes and bend them to look like spider legs. Draw a face on the spider with crayons, markers, or colored pencils.

Pompom Spider: Supplies needed for this craft are yarn, scissors, pipe cleaners, cardboard, glue and googly eyes. Cut yarn into a 2 foot long piece and a yard long piece. Cut a piece of cardboard into a 3 inch by 2 inch rectangle. Loosely wrap the yard of yarn around the cardboard piece. Take the yarn off the cardboard, being careful to make sure the loops stay together. Put 4 pipe cleaners on the yarn loops. Tie the yarn loops and pipe cleaners together tightly with the 2 foot piece of yarn. Cut the loops in half to make a pompom shape. Bend the pipe cleaners in the shape of spider legs. Glue googly eyes onto the spider.

Pasta and Beans Skeleton: This craft project is made with a piece of black construction paper, glue, dried beans and several types of pasta (small shells, wagon wheels, ziti, elbow macaroni, salad macaroni, spaghetti, spirals, etc.). Lay out the pasta and beans in the shape of a skeleton. Elbow macaroni is good for ribs. Spaghetti can be used as toes and fingers. Small shells or small beans make good joints. Lima beans are perfect for hips. After you are satisfied with the layout of your skeleton, glue it down.

Ghost Necklace: For this craft project you will need Elmer's glue, a small paper clip, googly eyes, wax paper and string. On wax paper, make a ghost shape out of your glue. Unbend the paper clip and reform it into a V. Stick the ends of the V into the glue at top of the ghost's head. Put googly eyes on the ghost's head. After a few days, the glue will turn completely clear. Peel it off the wax paper and thread your string through the paper clip to turn it into a necklace.

Jack-o-lantern Pinata: Make a perfect Halloween party item by gathering a balloon, newspaper, flour, water, a bowl, a pot, a wooden spoon, scissors, orange craft paint, a paintbrush and a black marker. Make papier-mâché glue by mixing 1/2 cup of flour into 1/2 cup of water. Then stir the flour and water mix into 2 cups of boiling water. Simmer for a few minutes. Let it cool. Take newspaper and tear into 1 inch wide strips. Dip strips of paper in the glue and wrap around the balloon. Repeat process, covering the entire balloon. Let a layer dry and then add another layer. Let it dry completely, then pop the balloon, and remove it. Cut a small hole in the top to put in the candy. Decorate with the orange craft paint and black marker, making a jack-o-lantern face. Hang the pinata and have a party!

Michael Russell Your Independent guide to Crafts
Article Source:






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