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Dean & Nancy's Halloween Haunt - great halloween ideas since 1996

Halloween Weddings

’Til Death Do Us Part

Sick of white roses and pearls?
have your wedding on Halloween!


The bride doesn't have to wear black,
but she can if she wants -

...a Halloween wedding can be a celebration of autumn,
or a wickedly fun funeral-style way
to say farewell to your single days!


Below we've listed several theme ideas
for a fun and festive Halloween wedding!


peruvian cake topper


Halloween wedding THEMES

Goth night

Black gothic evil wedding with spiderwebs, dead flowers, black tulle and fishnets, wrought-iron candelabras. Purple, Crimson,

Happy, Horrible Halloween Hair

Goth - Cyber - Industrial - Geisha - Lolita Hair Wear

Halloween/Goth Wedding Ideas

click to purchase

Halloween Harvest Festival

Bridal party and decor should be earth tones, with lovely tan or tea dyed dresses.

Decorate with uncut pumpkins & gourds, pine cones, acorns, colorful fall leaves (real or fake) sprinkled on the floor, and bales of hay.

AUTUMN/FALL Theme Wedding & Party Guide

Dia de los Muertos

Day of the Dead

Use marigolds for your floral arrangements and use a brightly colored Mexican theme

diablo weddingHonor your departed family with a an altar, and special part of the ceremony dedicated to loved ones lost.

Consider a Mexican food buffet, mariachi band and dancing.

Serve sweet sugar skull treats at favors!

Sugar Skulls Recipe

2 cups powdered sugar
1 egg white
1 tablespoon corn syrup
1/2 teaspoon. vanilla
1/3 cup cornstarch
food coloring
small paintbrush

1. In a small bowl, mix the egg white, corn syrup and vanilla.
2. Slowly stir in powdered sugar until a thick paste forms.
3. Turn out onto a board lightly dusted with cornstarch.
4. Knead dough until smooth.
5. Place dough in storage bag or covered bowl and refrigerate until thoroughly chilled.
6. Pinch off pieces of dough and form into skulls. Let dry completely before decorating.
7. Decorate with food coloring, colored sprinkles or cake icing from a tube.


Cute "Trick or Treat"
Halloween Wedding

Decorate with jack o lanterns, and an overall orange-black-white-purple-green theme. Think candy corn and bright FUN decor.

Flower girl and ring bearer could dress as trick or treaters... the cuter the better!

Eventide Elegance: Your Halloween Wedding By Rose Smith has some great ideas.

Use a huge pumpkin as your punchbowl! - just clean and scrap it out really well, and fill with punch at your Masquerade Ball reception!

Renaissance Wedding

"Let the black flower blossom as it may!"

The internet is chock full of ideas for Renaissance Weddings.

Consider posting knights in armour at your doors! Hire a celtic band for wonderful music from the period.


Renaissance Wedding Ceremonies

Medival Renaissance Faire Wedding Theme Ideas

Renaissance Festival and Castle Weddings

Medieval & Renaissance Weddings

historical dress ideas

Stroke of Midnight

Have the wedding at midnight - under a full moon, or create a moon with special effects

Use navy blue, black, with opalescent ribbons and bows to decorate

Think celestial - glow in the dark stars, etc

Hang strands of white Christmas lights across the ceiling. Then hangs lengths of dark gossamer beneath them (both close to the ceiling if possible). This will create a starlit effect!

Celestial Wedding Theme

Transylvania Theme

Red & black decor with blood & vampire theme.

Create a castle or dungeon like atmosphere for your reception.

Make sure the bridal party is wearing fangs, and the groom should wear a fabulous cape.

MASQUERADE Theme Wedding & Party Guide

black bridal roses

18th Century Vampires Party Themes


Create a lovely Victorian wedding, but give it a Halloween twist, with fall colors or haunted house decor.

Set up an account with a local costume shop to outfit your bridal party, and ask them to give discounts to your wedding guests as well.

An Elegant Victorian Halloween Wedding Theme is an excellent resource by Rose Smith

also visit:

Victorian party ideas


Current Catalog

Do It Yourself Wedding Favors For Fall
By Amber Dusick

Autumn is just around the corner, have you decided on fall wedding favors yet? Do it yourself wedding favors can be a simple way to be creative and save money. Not to mention that you’ll have homemade favors that are unique and cherished by your guests!

Here are seven do it yourself fall wedding favor ideas:

  • Caramel Apples -- Mmmm, nothing screams autumn like a gooey caramel apple! Make caramel apples a few days ahead of the wedding and wrap them in cellophane with a decorative ribbon. Add a custom printed tag with your wedding date, names or a quote. These favors are best given at the end of a reception set up on a table as guests walk out. Otherwise, your reception could turn into a sticky, caramel mess!
  • Jordan Almond Alternatives -- Skip the traditional almonds and pick a fall-themed candy for your fall wedding favors! How about tulle bundles of candy corn, pumpkin candies or black licorice? Or if your wedding is near Halloween, hand out mini “trick or treat” bags full of a fun assortment!
  • Maple Syrup -- Tiny glass bottles of pure maple syrup are adorable and functional fall wedding favors. Find small bottles at discount stores and buy maple syrup in bulk. Fill each tiny bottle and attach a tag with a colorful ribbon. A do it yourself wedding favor that guests can enjoy the next morning for breakfast!
  • Decorative Gourds -- Decorative gourds and mini-pumpkins are a lovely way to use favors that double up as table decorations! If your wedding falls near Thanksgiving or Halloween guests will adore these little gourds and can decorate their own homes with them. They can be personalized by painting or by adding a tag with a ribbon.
  • Leaf Magnets -- Create beautiful magnets with wooden bases, magnets, glue, colorful fall leaves and varnish. Collect colorful leaves and seal them with varnish (or decoupage solution) onto a wooden base. Glue magnets on the reverse and you have beautiful fall leaf magnets. A simple yet elegant fall wedding favor!
  • Flower Bulbs -- Since bulbs are planted in the fall, these are easy to find and make a perfect wedding favor! Be sure to include a tag with planting instructions and a colorful image of the flower it will grow. A lovely fall wedding favor idea that incorporates the “growth” theme which is ideal for a wedding.
  • Leaf Stamped Boxes -- Even if you already have a favor idea, you can still incorporate a sense of autumn in your favors by decorating plain favor boxes or paper bags with leaves. Paint the backside of a leaf with acrylic craft paint and then press down on your favor box or bags, using the leaf like a stamp. A lovely, delicate leaf impression is left behind. Mix colors and use several different leaves so no two will be exactly alike. This leave stamping technique can also be used on table place cards, invites and more!

Homemade details like these will make your wedding unforgettable. With a little effort you’ll have unique fall wedding favors that guests will adore, especially when they find out you made them yourself!

Amber Dusick is the editor of The Do It Yourself Weddings Guide at where you can get instructions for wedding crafts, do it yourself wedding favors, centerpieces, make your own invites and programs and more! Learn to do most everything to do with weddings...yourself! Article Source:

halloween wedding

9 Halloween Wedding Theme Favors
By Rose Smith

Not everyone elects to have a traditional wedding. Some love the fun and excitement of Halloween and want to share their favorite holiday with others with a marriage ceremony. Just like those "trick or treaters" that arrive at your door, your wedding guests also deserve a special treat. Here are 9 ideas for wedding favors that you can present to your guests when celebrating your Halloween themed wedding.

Trick or Treat Bags

Since it's Halloween, fill small paper trick or treat bags with the orange foil covered chocolate pumpkins and other candies.

Halloween Candles

You can purchase some very interesting molded Halloween candles in a variety of shapes and sizes (like pumpkins, ghosts, haunted houses, etc.). Wrap up in orange tulle and tie with black curly ribbon.

Cauldron of Pumpkins

Fill small, black plastic cauldrons with orange foil-wrapped chocolate pumpkins.

Pumpkin Jars

If you're on the crafty side, make candy filled pumpkin jars. First, you'll need to collect some baby food jars. Paint pumpkins around the glass with craft paint. Cover the top with orange felt and glue two felt leaves to the top. Add a small piece of dowel, painted light brown, for a stem. Fill the jar with candies.

Orange Net Favors

Cut 6" circles of tulle in orange and black colors. Place either candies or a small votive candle in each circle. Gather and tie off with the opposite color of ribbon. (Orange ribbon, black tulle and black ribbon, orange tulle.)

Wizard's Wand

Buy 1" diameter dowels and cut into 12" lengths. Paint dowels a deep purple. Apply gold stickers in shapes of stars, moon and sun. Seal with acrylic sealer. Add gold and purple streamers tied to one end. Attach a favor tag with your names and wedding date that says: "The power of our love creates a magical world. Thank you for joining us in this mystical night."

Witches Broom

Buy small straw brooms (available in craft stores). Wrap black and orange ribbon down the handle and tie a black bow just above the broom. Add some autumn colored silk leaves and dried flowers tucked in and glued around the bow.

Pumpkin Butter

Purchases small jars of pumpkin butter. It's like pumpkin pie in a jar and it's great on biscuits and crackers.

Miniature Pumpkin Pies

Check with a local baker to see if you could have miniature pumpkin pies made. Wrap in cellophane and tie with orange/black ribbons. Simple, unique and delicious!

Rose Smith is the owner of Wedding Themes and More, a website designed to help you discover and plan your perfect theme wedding. Planning a Halloween wedding? Then visit our site at: for more great ideas. Article Source:






halloween wedding

Tonia's Halloween Wedding
By Tonia Jordan

Halloween this year will mark my fourth anniversary. When I broke the news to my parents about getting married on Halloween, they weren’t thrilled. Over time, however, they learned about the growing trend and they grew to like the idea. My husband and I have always been the type to do things in our own way, and our wedding would be no different.

As the bride, I dressed as an angel. I wore a princess-style cream colored dress complete with a high neck and long, flowing sleeves and black and orange ribbons tied to my sides. I also wore large white angel wings. My groom wore dark clothes and large bat wings. The bridesmaids wore butterfly wings with matching dresses while the groomsmen wore matching orange shirts.

I made my bouquet myself using a black plastic jack o’ lantern, like the type used by children for trick or treating. I filled it with autumn leaves and flowers, including my favorite, the Calla Lilly.

We asked our guests to dress in costume and boy were they creative! My brother-in-law and his son dressed as my husband and I! There were witches and goblins, as well as superheroes and movie stars. For us it was a great way to get everyone involved in our special day.

We went with classic Halloween-style decorations, complete with a giant spider on the ceiling, and cobwebs draped everywhere. Our cake displayed a graveyard scene (complete with Jack and Sally from the Disney classic A Nightmare Before Christmas), and we had skeleton goblets for the traditional wedding toast.

We had a table set up to greet our guests with photos of my husband and I in frames with skulls. Our wedding book contained the same theme, as did our wedding favors.

The ceremony itself was pretty quick, as far as weddings go. We wrote our own vows and kept our rings in a musical jewelry box on a table near us. When the time came for us to present our rings to one another, we opened the jewelry box together. It played “What’s This?” from the same Disney film mentioned above. It was such a fairytale moment that we couldn’t help but smile as the people watching gasped in joy.

For music, we chose traditional Halloween songs as well as some of our favorite horror and gothic-themed songs. Our reception was more of an informal party with friends and family.

The most important thing for us was to make our special day fun for everyone involved, including us. It was not a particularly stressful event for us and we did everything our own way. It was definitely a memorable event for everyone who was there, and I know we’ll all remember it fondly.

This article has been submitted in affiliation with http://www.Prye.Com/ which is a site for Wedding Invitations. Tonia Jordan is an author on which is a site for Writers. Article Source:


halloween wedding cake

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